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GRR 228 & LE&N 337
[GRR 228-LE&N 337 MU'd]
GRR 228 MU'd WITH LE&N 337

GRR 228 & LE&N 337, both built by Preston Car & Coach in 1921, struggle up hill with a gravel train on the LE&N, about one mile south of the Galt Main Street Station. The gravel, loaded at Consolidated Sand & Gravel in Paris, is destined for Toronto. More often than not, it was necessary to break the train into two cuts, on reaching the south end of Galt, in order to get it up to the Galt C.P.R. transfer.

It's September 7, 1961 and this pair have only a few more trips remaining on the gravel train. What was expected to be their last call on the CP Electric Lines will come on September 30 when they pulled an excursion train of CPR coaches from the CPR Galt Station to Preston, then south to Simcoe, returning to Galt where CP diesels will take the train back to Toronto. However, on October 1, due to the shortage of diesels, these two motors will make one more trip, it being from Galt to Waterloo and return to Preston with an extra freight. Thus, the last day of electric operations is taken as October 1, 1961.

LE&N 337 to Iowa Terminal Railway 81, Mason City, IA, in January 1963. ITR 81 was scrapped in 1973.

GRR 228 to Iowa Terminal Railway 82, Mason City, IA, in July 1963. However, the motor was never repainted or used and was scrapped in 1968.