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LE&N 333
[LE&N 60]

Built in September 1915 by Baldwin-Westinghouse, serial 42474 was delivered new as LE&N 60, equipped with a pantograph and two trolley poles. The poles were mounted off to either side of the 'pant' and were bent in a way so as to clear the pantograph. Only two motors were built this way for the LE&N, #50 (later 335) and #60 (later 333). This arrangement lasted until 1921 when single pole operation was adopted.

[LE&N 333-1]

Photographed at Preston Shops in April 1954, 333 is seen as it appeared before the rebuild that created three windows on the cab ends for better visibility, and the removal of the middle side window that gave a larger area for displaying the road name.

[LE&N 333-2]

This view shows 333 after its final rebuilding. September 5, 1961 finds it busy scaling carloads of gravel in the Galt transfer yard. Motor 333 is actually on the Grand River Railway since the transfer yard is just over a mile north of Main Street, Galt.

To Cornwall Street Railway 15, Cornwall, Ontario, in September 1962. Retired in October 1971 by the Canadian National Railways, scrapped at Longueil, Quebec in August 1973.