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LE&N 937
[LE&N 937]

937 is an example of the wood passenger cars that the C.P.R. ordered for the LE&N. Built by Preston Car & Coach in 1915 as number 245, it became 937 in the 1921 renumbering program.

The date is April 24, 1955, the day after passenger service was terminated on the electric lines. The second to last excursion train, with the electric cars, is about to head south from Preston lead by LE&N 937. The car behind 937 is 939 followed by 846 and combine 626. Within one week, 939 would be close to being just a memory, as the process of scrapping her was begun immediately following this trip. The last excursion, run on Sunday, May 1st, included 937 again.

Work on scrapping 937 was commenced about a month after this trip. Official date of scrapping is June 20, 1955.

I rode the May 1st excursion as a lad of 14. LE&N 937 led the train south from Preston, along with GRR 846 and 848 in that order. For whatever reason, the motorman shuffled the order of the cars at Waterford, LE&N 937 being placed in between the two steel cars. On arrival back at Preston, GRR 864 was added to the south end of the consist, because of the number of riders, before proceeding on to Kitchener and Waterloo.

I also witnessed the scrapping of two LE&N wood cars, 955 and 939. The sight still haunts me. As I write this, tears fill my eyes. I loved those cars!