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L&PS 14
[L&PS 14]
This excellent shot is courtesy of John E. Parnell.

Two motorized passenger cars were built by the Jewett Car Company of Newark, Ohio in 1917 for the L&PS. Numbered 12 and 14, these cars cost $33,665.70 each, partly because they were 10 feet longer than cars 2, 4, 6 & 8 which had been purchased in 1915. Cars 12 & 14 were straight passenger cars and did not have a baggage compartment like the earlier cars.

Car 14, leading a two car train, is seen here at Yarmouth (Stop 14) on a very cold winters day. #14 remained in continuous service until the end of passenger operations in 1957, then was donated to the Canadian Railway Museum, Delson, Quebec in 1962 by the London Railway Commission. In early October 1999, 14 was moved to the Elgin County Railway Museum, St. Thomas, Ontario where it is to be cosmetically restored.

Car 12 also remained in service until 1957. It was sold to Garnet Speers of Port Stanley in 1960 and eventually scrapped.