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[L&PS L2]

Freight locomotive L2 and passenger car 8 are parked side by side at the Phillip Street carbarn in London on April 16, 1963, some six years after passenger service ended on the L&PS. The L&PS continued to use 8 between London and St. Thomas for heated express shipments at the rear of diesel-hauled freight trains. Power for the cars electric heaters was obtained from the overhead.

Built by General Electric of Canada in 1915, L2 was one of three similar locomotives purchased at a cost of $29,367 each. Numbered L1, L2 & L3, they bore GE serial numbers 5000-5002 inclusive. Each weighed 60 tons. As history would have it, these were to be the only electric locomotives purchased by the L&PS. Held by the City of London for a museum which never materialized, L2 was later sold privately and moved to the Toronto area. In February 1997, L2 was moved to the Halton County Radial Railway following its donation to the OERHA.

My thanks to William Den Beste for drawing my attention to the following:

The Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway in Iowa had two nearly identical freight motors numbered 205 and 207. These two have a builders date of June 1915 and are GE serial numbers 5049 and 5050 resectively. Pictures of these can be viewed at Dave's Electric Railroads in the Bill Volkmer collection.

In the Carolinas, the Piedmont & Northern operated six similar freight motors of the same length as the L&PS motors, 37' 4". The P&N motors were numbered 5100 to 5105 inclusive. Dave's Electric Railroads has a pictures of P&N 5103 and 5104 on his web site.