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  Southwestern Ohio Railroads
swoh001 Troy OH depot
swoh002 Rollby at Troy depot
swoh003 North of Troy
swoh005 Lease unit south of Troy
sid001 Sidney OH station
sid002 View from bridge, Sidney
sid003 OCS from bridge
roofshot001 CEFX 3117 from bridge
roofshot008 CSX 5796 from above
bosig001 Replacement of B&O signals #1
bosig002 Replacement of B&O signals #2
bosig003 Replacement of B&O signals #3

  Southern California Photos
socal000 Call Box (Introduction)
socal010 MTA headquarters buiiding
socal014 Amtrak #68 at LA Union Station
socal015 Amtrak #795
socal017 UP E units
socal018 Tower restoration
socal021 Derailment #1
socal022 Derailment #2
socal032 Colton to Palmdale cutoff
socal034 Worktrain #1
socal036 Worktrain #2
socal037 Hi-rail vehicle
socal041 Switchers at Miller brewery
socal046 Lairport
socal048 Metrolink shops
socal049 SP's downtown piggyback yard
socal051 Chatsworth Metrolink station #1
socal052 Chatsworth Metrolink station #2

  2003 trip to Cresson PA
trip000 Station Inn, porch, #1
trip000a Station Inn, porch, #2
trip001 Roadrailer train @ Station Inn
trip00101 CouplerMate
trip002 Amtrak roadrailer at Cassandra
trip00201 NS SD70 in primer paint
trip003 Amtrak #39 at Cassandra
trip004 NS #9775 in primer paint