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EMD 73648; SD40-2; MP 816-839

Order # 73648, SD40-2
MP 816 to MP 839
24 Units
Weight 392,000 Lbs
No Dynamic Brake

Serial NumberBuilt DateTypeRoad No.Road No. Road No.Road No.Road No.Road No.
73648-112.73SD40-2MP 816MP 3115UP 4115:1UP 9883..
73648-212.73SD40-2MP 817MP 3116UP 4116:1UP B4116Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 856
73648-312.73SD40-2MP 818MP 3117UP 4117:1UP B4117UP 8928JTPX 3004
73648-412.73SD40-2MP 819MP 3118UP 4118:1UP B4118UP 8929JTPX 9999AG Valley Coop 2002
73648-512.73SD40-2MP 810MP 3119UP 4119:1UP 9884JTPX 3001.
73648-601.74SD40-2MP 821MP 3120UP 4120:1Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2823UPY 823
73648-701.74SD40-2MP 822MP 3121UP 4121:1UP B4121sfs LTEX 11.03.
73648-801.74SD40-2MP 823MP 3122UP 4122:1UP B4122to Metro East.
73648-901.74SD40-2MP 824MP 3123UP 4123:1UP 9885..
73648-1001.74SD40-2MP 825MP 3124UP 4124:1UP B4124sfs Cycle Systems.
73648-1101.74SD40-2MP 826MP 3125UP 4125:1UP B4125UP 8933.
73648-1201.74SD40-2MP 827MP 3126UP 4126:1Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 850.
73648-1301.74SD40-2MP 828MP 3127UP 4127:1UP B4127UP 8934Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 862
73648-1401.74SD40-2MP 829MP 3128UP 4128:1UP B4128UP 8935LTEX 8935
73648-1501.74SD40-2MP 830MP 3129UP 4129:1UP 9887scrapped LTEX 10.04.
73648-1601.74SD40-2MP 831MP 3130NRLX 3130CP 5448..
73648-1701.74SD40-2MP 832MP 3131UP 4131:1UP 9888..
73648-1801.74SD40-2MP 833MP 3132UP 4132:1Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2820UPY 820
73648-1901.74SD40-2MP 834MP 3133UP 4133:1UP B4133UP 8936.
73648-2001.74SD40-2MP 835MP 3134UP 4134:1UP B4134UP 8937sfs Cycle Systems
73648-2101.74SD40-2MP 836MP 3135UP 4135:1Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 854.
73648-2201.74SD40-2MP 837MP 3136UP 4136:1UP B4136UP 8938.
73648-2301.74SD40-2MP 838MP 3137UP 4137:1UP 9890..
73648-2401.74SD40-2MP 839MP 3138UP 4138:1UP 9891..
Updated 11.10.2004