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EMD 776099; SD40-2; MP 3216-3251

Order # 776099, SD40-2
MP 3216:2 to MP 3235:2,
MP 3236 to MP 3251
36 Units
Weight 393,000 Lbs
No Dynamic Brake

Serial #Built DateModelRoad No.Road No. Road No.Road No.Road No.Road No.
776099-108.78SD40-2MP 3216:2UP 4216UP B4216UP 7898.
776099-208.78SD40-2MP 3217:2UP 4217UP B4217UP 8946UP 7903
776099-308.78SD40-2MP 3218:2UP 4218UP B4218Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2816UPY 816
776099-408.78SD40-2MP 3219:2UP 4219UP B4219Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 847
776099-508.78SD40-2MP 3220:2UP 4220UP 9921OHCR 9921.
776099-608.78SD40-2MP 3221:2UP 4221UP B4221sfs Cycle Systems .01.
776099-708.78SD40-2MP 3222:2UP 4222UP B4222sfs LTEX 07.03.
776099-808.78SD40-2MP 3223:2UP 4223UP B4223WP 4223.
776099-908.78SD40-2MP 3224:2UP 4224UP 9922..
776099-1008.78SD40-2MP 3225:2UP 4225UP B4225sfs Cycle Systems .01.
776099-1108.78SD40-2MP 3226:2UP 4226UP B4226UP 8951to LTEX 11.03
776099-1208.78SD40-2MP 3227:2UP 4227UP B4227Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2819UPY 819
776099-1308.78SD40-2MP 3228:2UP 4228UP 9923Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 859
776099-1408.78SD40-2MP 3229:2UP 4229UP B4229UP 8952.
776099-1508.78SD40-2MP 3230:2UP 4230UP B4230UP 8953UP 7908
776099-1609.78SD40-2MP 3231:2UP 4231UP B4231..
776099-1709.78SD40-2MP 3232:2UP 4232UP B4232UP 8955.
776099-1809.78SD40-2MP 3233:2UP 4233UP 9924WSOR.
776099-1909.78SD40-2MP 3234:2UP 4234UP 9925..
776099-2009.78SD40-2MP 3235:2UP 4235UP B4235..
776099-2109.78SD40-2MP 3236UP 4236UP B4236UP 8957.
776099-2209.78SD40-2MP 3237UP 4237UP 9926..
776099-2309.78SD40-2MP 3238UP 4238UP 9927..
776099-2409.78SD40-2MP 3239UP 4239UP B4239UP 8958to LTEX 01.04
776099-2509.78SD40-2MP 3240UP 4240UP B4240Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2837UPY 837
776099-2609.78SD40-2MP 3241UP 4241UP B4241sfs Cycle Systems .01.
776099-2709.78SD40-2MP 3242UP 4242UP B4242Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2836UPY 836
776099-2809.78SD40-2MP 3243UP 4243UP 9928..
776099-2909.78SD40-2MP 3244UP 4244UP B4244Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 848
776099-3009.78SD40-2MP 3245UP 4245Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2821UPY 821
776099-3109.78SD40-2MP 3246UP 4246UP 9929Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 866
776099-3209.78SD40-2MP 3247UP 4247UP B4247Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 849
776099-3309.78SD40-2MP 3248UP 4248UP 8930..
776099-3409.78SD40-2MP 3249UP 4249UP B4249Rebuilt to SD38-2UP 2822UPY 822
776099-3509.78SD40-2MP 3250UP 4250UP B4250UP 8959.
776099-3609.78SD40-2MP 3251UP 4251UP B4251Rebuilt to SD38-2UPY 855
Updated 05.24.2005