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786178, SD40-2, MP 3266-3291

Order # 786178, SD40-2
MP 3266 to MP 3291
26 Units
Weight 393,000 Lbs
No Dynamic Brake

Serial #Built DateModelRoad No.Road No. Road No.Road No.Road No.Road No.
786178-105.79SD40-2MP 3266UP 4266:1UP B4266...
786178-205.79SD40-2MP 3267UP 4267:1UP B4267Rebuilt to SD38-2RUPY 851.
786178-305.79SD40-2MP 3268UP 4268:1UP B4268UP 8971LTEX 8971.
786178-405.79SD40-2MP 3269UP 4269:1Rebuilt to SD38-2RUP 2829:2UPY 829.
786178-505.79SD40-2MP 3270UP 4270:1UP 9934OHCR 9934..
786178-605.79SD40-2MP 3271UP 4271:1UP B4271UP 7900..
786178-705.79SD40-2MP 3272UP 4272:1UP B4272...
786178-805.79SD40-2MP 3273UP 4273:1UP B4273UP 4273UP 8974.
786178-905.79SD40-2MP 3274UP 4274:1UP B4274UP 8975..
786178-1005.79SD40-2MP 3275UP 4275:1UP B4275Rebuilt to SD38-2RUP 2841UPY 841
786178-1105.79SD40-2MP 3276UP 4276:1Rebuilt to SD38-2RUP 2817UPY 817.
786178-1205.79SD40-2MP 3277UP 4277:1....
786178-1305.79SD40-2MP 3278UP 4278:1UP 9935Rebuilt to SD38-2RUPY 858.
786178-1405.79SD40-2MP 3279UP 4279:1UP B4279...
786178-1505.79SD40-2MP 3280UP 4280:1UP 9936UP 7879..
786178-1605.79SD40-2MP 3281UP 4281:1UP B4281WSOR..
786178-1705.79SD40-2MP 3282UP 4282:1UP B4282...
786178-1805.79SD40-2MP 3283UP 4283:1UP B4283Rebuilt to SD38-2RUP 2843:2.
786178-1905.79SD40-2MP 3284UP 4284:1UP B4284Rebuilt to SD38-2RUP 2844:2UPY 844
786178-2005.79SD40-2MP 3285UP 4285:1UP 9937...
786178-2105.79SD40-2MP 3286UP 4286:1UP 9938HLCX 6250..
786178-2205.79SD40-2MP 3287UP 4287:1UP B4287sfs Cycle Systems .01..
786178-2305.79SD40-2MP 3288UP 4288:1UP B4288Rebuilt to SD38-2RUP 2826UPY 826
786178-2405.79SD40-2MP 3289UP 4289:1UP 9939...
786178-2505.79SD40-2MP 3290UP 4290:1UP B4290scrapped LTEX 10.04..
786178-2605.79SD40-2MP 3291UP 4291:1UP B4291UP 8982..
Updated 07.19.2005