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EMD 786182, SD40-2, MP 3292-3301

Order # 786182, SD40-2
MP 3292 to MP 3301
10 Units
Weight 393,000 Lbs
No Dynamic Brake

Serial #Built DateModelRoad No.Road No. Road No.Road No.Road No.Road No.
786182-112.79SD40-2MP 3292UP 4292UP 9940...
786182-212.79SD40-2MP 3293UP 4293UP 9941sfs Cycle Systems..
786182-312.79SD40-2MP 3294UP 4294UP B4294...
786182-412.79SD40-2MP 3295UP 4295UP B4295...
786182-512.79SD40-2MP 3296UP 4296UP B4296sfs LTEX 05.02..
786182-612.79SD40-2MP 3297UP 4297UP B4297to Metro East..
786182-712.79SD40-2MP 3298UP 4298UP B4298...
786182-812.79SD40-2MP 3299UP 4299UP B4299to LTEX 01.04..
786182-912.79SD40-2MP 3300UP 4300UP B4300Rebuilt to SD38-2RUPY 852.
786182-1012.79SD40-2MP 3301UP 4301UP B4301UP 8990..
Updated 06.20.2004