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EMD F9A, F9B, FP9, FL9 Order Numbers

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F9A Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelRoad NumbersQty.WeightRemarks
8044A 05.5723465, 23466F9A ACL 317, 4172..
3191A 06.56 to 07.5621127-21142F9A ATSF 281L,C-288L,C16..
3191A 07.5621423, 21424F9A ATSF 289L, 289C2..
8057A 03.5925098F9A CBQ (C&S) 700D1..
8058A 03.5925099F9A CBQ (FWD) 750A1..
8032A 02.545866:2F9A DRGW 5571:21..
7516A 02.543546:2F9A DRGW 5531:21..
3184A 09.5520527, 20528F9A DRGW 5771, 57742..
E1133-A33R 05.60 26158F9A EMDX 4621.Rebuilt from CNW 6501A
3186A 02.5318129F9A EMDX NP 7050A
3187A 05.5620830-20832F9A Erie Mining 100-1023..
3187A 05.56, 08.5621048, 21049F9A Erie Mining 103, 1042..
8035A 11.558600:2F9A KCS (L&A) 32A1..
8037A 03.564931:2F9A KCS 58D1..
8037A 03.569164:2F9A KCS 74D...
8050A 04.5824571F9A L&N 8111..
3194A 11.56 to 12.5622508-22515F9A L&N 919-9268..
3172A 01.5418752-18757F9A MILW 81C-86C6..
8038A 03.568731:2F9A NP 6500C1..
3175A 02.5419056, 19057F9A NP 6700A,C2..
3190A 08.5621124, 21125F9A NP 6701A, 6701C2..
3195A 12.5622765-22767F9A NP 6702A-6704A3..
3176A 01.5419048-19051F9A NP 7000A,D-7001A,D4..
3179A 08.54 to 10.5419738-19747F9A NP 7002A,D-7006A,D10..
3181A 02.5520324, 20325F9A NP 7007A,D2..
3180A 07.55 to 08.5520297-20300F9A NP 7008A,D-7009A,D4..
3189A 03.5621104-21113F9A NP 7010A,D-7014A,D10..
8059A 03.5925163F9A WAB 1141A1..
Updated 12.22.2002

F9B Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelRoad NumbersQty.WeightRemarks
3191B 06.56 to 07.5621143-21158F9B ATSF 281A,B-288A,B16..
3191B 07.5621425, 21426F9B ATSF 289A,B2..
7522B 07.55, 09.55, 12.553119:2-3122:2F9B CNW 4051B-4054B 4..
3183B 04.5520357-20361F9B CRR 864-8685..
3184B 09.5520529-20532F9B DRGW 5772-5773, 5762, 57634..
3187B 07.56 to 08.5621050-21055F9B Erie Mining 200-2056..
3170B 02.5419334-19339F9B GN 470B,C-474B,C even6..
3194B 11.56 to 12.5622516-22519F9B L&N 717-720...
3185B 11.5520610-20615F9B MILW 81D-86D6..
3182B 03.5520350-20353F9B MKT 226B-229B4..
3175B 02.5419058F9B NP 6700B1..
3190B 08.5621126F9B NP 6701B1..
3176B 01.5419052-19055F9B NP 7000B,C-7001B,C4..
3179B 08.54 to 10.5419748-19757F9B NP 7002B,C-7006B,C10..
3181B 02.5520326, 20327F9B NP 7007B,C2..
3180B 08.5520301-20304F9B NP 7008B,C-7009B,C4..
3189B 03.5621114-21123F9B NP 7010B,C-7014B,C10..
3174B 01.5419059-19063F9B SLSF 5140-51445..
3197B 04.5723177-23184F9B SLSF 5145-51528..
Updated 12.17.2002

GMD Canada F9B Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelRoad NumbersQty.WeightRemarks
C182 09.54 to 01.55A617-A629F9B CN 6600-661213..
C182 02.55A763F9B CN 66131..
C218 01.57 to 03.57A1053-A1059F9B CN 6614-66207..
C231 03.57 to 05.57A1205-A1214F9B CN 6621-663010..
C243 05.58 to 07.58A1403-A1409F9B CN 6631-66377..
C176 01-04.54A600-A607F9B CP 1900-19078..
Updated 12.22.2002

FP9 Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelRoad NumbersQty.WeightRemarks
7521A 07.55, 10.55 to 11.553115:2-3118:2FP9 CNW 4051A-4054A4..
Updated 12.22.2002

GMD Canada FP9 Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelRoadNumbersQty.WeightRemarks
C175 02.54 to 05.54A589-A598FP9 CP 1405-141511..
C183 09.54 to 01.55A630-A642FP9 CN 6500-651213..
C183 02.55A764FP9 CN 65131..
C217 01.57 to 03.57A1044-A1052FP9 CN 6514-65229..
C230 03.57 to 05.57A1195-A1204FP9 CN 6523-653210..
C242 05.58 to 07.58A1393-A1402FP9 CN 6533-654210..
Updated 12.22.2002

Export FP9 Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelCountryRoad NumbersQty.WeightRemarks
701327-70133608.56 to 10.5622530-22539FP9MexicoNDM7010-701910.
701129-70114310.56 to 11.5622651-22665FP9MexicoNDM7020-703415.
70155311.5622707FP9Saudi ArabiaGov't Ry15021.
701493, 70149404.5723299, 23300FP9Saudi ArabiaGov't Ry1503,15042.
702272-70227512.5925678-25681FP9Saudi ArabiaGov't Ry1505-15084.
Updated 01.12.2004

FL9 Order Numbers

Order #DateSerial NumbersModelRoad NumbersQty.WeightRemarks
3192A 01.5721946, 21947FL9 NH2000, 20012290,000.
3193A 07.57 to 11.5721948-21975FL9 NH 2002-202928290,000.
3198A 09.60 to 11.6021976-22005FL9 NH 2030-2059 30..
Updated 10.20.2004