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SD75M, SD75I Order Numbers

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SD75M Order Numbers

Order #BuiltRoad NumbersQty.Remarks
946503:03.95 to 08.95SD75MATSF200-25051.
Updated 11.26.2001

SD75I Order Numbers

Order #BuiltRoad NumbersQty.Remarks
956608:12.95 to 03.96SD75IBNSF8251-827525.
966740:10.97 to 12.97SD75IBNSF8276-830126.
956616:05.96 to 12.96SD75ICN5626-5730105.
966726:08.97 to 11.97SD75ICN5731-576535.
97681201.99 to 05.99SD75ICN5766-580035Built at Alsthom
97680805.99 to 07.99SD75IONT2100-21056Built at Alstom
Updated 03.06.2000