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Mebrat Tzehaie has an excellent view of Asmara today:

A.Raffaele Ciriello was a photojournalist who has covered Eritrea among other places.  According to this source, he was killed. His site contains pictures about the countryside and about the railway.

Eric Lafforgue has a couple of pages devoted to Eritrea:

These sites have many links about Eritrea:

'Tsebuk' means 'good' in Tigragna.  Tesfaldet A. Meharenna of

created the above graphic to illustrate the cooperation between Eritrea and the Kagnew Station vets.  The Tsebuk group is intentended to give Eritrea something for the pleasant memories it gave us.

If you are a Kagnew vet and want to subscribe, go to Tsebuk

Click to subscribe to tsebuk

US Army Kagnew Station Shoulder Patch

From World War II through 1976, there was a US Military base at Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. At first, this was named, Radio Marina, after an existing Italian facility. Later, it was named Kagnew Station in honor of the Ethiopian Battalion's valor in the Korean War. There are several Kagnew Station sites, one is devoted to all who served there:

Another site is "maddog's" all time Army Security Agency site. This place is a tad irreverent. Also, holds are seldom barred.  Fair warning....the people providing material were among the top 10% of the Army.

Unfortunately, when you get a bunch of very smart young men together, mischief is contagious.  MAJ Rigo, my commanding officer on Okinawa, once made the statement that he was going down to the Operations Building which had the sign "Best in the Business" over the gate and he was going to change it to read "Through These Portals Pass the Greatest Criminal Minds in the World."  This was prompted by someone who had done something terribly wrong, but not illegal.  I can no longer remember the cause.

While I was there, I was a member of the US Forces Amateur Radio Club--ET2US.  A group of veterans had a DX-pedition to Eritrea:

I shouldn't forget that from about 1962 on, there has been a Peace Corps presence in Eritrea and Ethiopia:



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