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The Lira was introduced in 1935 with Italian occupation, and was
replaced by the East African Shilling with British occupation in April 1941
at 1 Pound Sterling = 480 Lira.

The Ethiopian Dollar was introduced on July
23, 1945 at a rate of 1 US Dollar = 2.48417 Ethiopian Dollars, replacing the
East Africa Shilling at 2 Ethiopia Dollars = 1 Africa Shilling.

The Ethiopia
Dollar devalued slightly on January 1, 1964 at 2.5 Ethiopian Dollars = 1
U.S. Dollar. On September 21, 1976, the Ethiopian Dollar was renamed the
Birr. In January 1998, Eritrea introduced the Eritrea Nafka at par with the
Ethiopia Birr.

596.2L Pre WW II equals one 1945 dollar.  A 6 L fee was about 1 cent.

I do not know how much inflation took place between 1935 and 1941.




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