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TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT--Short Description of System



The Traffic is directed and controlled from five Stations on the Massawa Asmara sections and from three stations on the Asmara Agordat line.

The system in use is that of the modified ticket, Train crews receive written orders as to crossing etc., before commencing the journey and these are confirmed at the principal stations on route.

Should it be necessary to alter a crossing or change the order in any way the train is stopped at the next station and the alteration is made in writing on the train order by the station master and initialed by the guard and driver.

Telephone System only is used.

The Telephone line from Massawa to Asmara is divided into three sections, using selective apparatus, of the Mix and Genes type.

1. Massawa Mai Atal with 3 apparatus
2. Mai Atal Ghinda with 8 apparatus
3. Ghinda Asmara, with 10 apparatus.

All stations in each section can also be called simultaneously and by switching through at Mai Atal and Ghinda all stations between Massawa and Asmara can be simultaneously called.

There is an exchange with five lines at Asmara station of the Kellog type for communication with various sidings.

On the Asmara Keren section there are 14 apparatus of the selective Mix and Genes type. All stations can be called simultaneously if necessary.

On the Keren. Agordat section there are 9 phones of the hand Kellog type with Bell code for each station.

At Asmara there is an automatic exchange with 21 Lines for domestic use, and connected to the Asmara Central Exchange.

During the last five years the following tonnage was carried:

Year  Import  Export  Local  TOTAL
1952/53  44,105  56,409  50,278  151,194
1953/54  60,825  64,201  48,649  173,675
1954/55  51,798  91,792  34,092  177,682
1955/56  57,307  99,524  37,318  194,149
1956/57  67,771  100,485  37,334  205,590

No difficulty is experienced in handling the traffic for what concerns the line. Actually, four regular trains are run daily on each direction on the Massawa Asmara line, when necessary the number is easily doubled.

When the railway was running at, its maximum in the period March to October 1935, thirty eight, trains were run during 24 hours in each direction between Massawa Asmara.

This can give an idea of the developing possibility of the traffic on this railway.

At present the acceptance of traffic is limited only by the number of wagons and locomotives available.

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