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The following are notes from Sam Bass.

I'm not alone in the search for the history of the Eureka Hill Railroad. and I think Stan Jennings deserves a lot of credit too. Also, Max Chatwin and George Pitchard have developed a lot of information. George found evidence in the tax valuation records that the Eureka Hill had two caboose. I think they were home-built and possibly one was built on the frame from one of the wood hoppers.

Empire Copper CO Hopper. This was taken on the Railroad owned by the Empire Copper Company at Mackay, Idaho. Photo from the collection of the South Custer Historical Society, Mackay, Idaho. Sam stumbled on this other fascinating little mining railroad during his quest for information about the hopper cars built for the Eureka Hill by Kilborne & Jacobs.
Copper Belt Number 1 Shay Sam Bass got this one from the Utah State Historical Society. It is Copper Belt #1, ex-Salt Lake and Mercur #7.
Copper Belt Number 2 Shay Jim Beslme (aka Tex61, aka Bindle Jim) found this photo of CB #2 in an article on the Copper Belt in an out of print magazine called Locomotive World which seems to have been published by Lima to promote Shays.

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