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Eureka Hill Photos

Photos 1 and 2 are details from an 11X14 glass plate from the Shipler Collection at the Utah State Historical Society. The original photo titled Taylor & Brinton (Sic) Sampler was taken at Silver City, Utah in September, 1909. Click on the thumbs.

EH number 3 Eureka Hill #3
Hopper number 138 Eureka Hill steel hopper # 138 built by the Kilborne & Jacobs Manufacturing Co. of Columbus, Ohio.

C. Murray Wing photo from the Max Chatwin collection.

EH Train. Eureka Hill train near the Dragon Mine, NE of Silver City, Utah.

This a detail of a Shipler photo taken at the Tintic Smelter in 1908. Shipler Collection, Utah State Historical Society.

Hopper number 516. Former Colorado & Northwestern wood hopper car #516 on the trestle to the sampler at the Tintic Smelter.

The Beck Tunnel #2 shaft ca. 1950, Edwin R. Chatwin photo, Max Chatwin collection.

Beck Tunnel shaft 2. Beck Tunnel shaft #2.

Headframe and hoisthouse Colorado #1 shaft ca. 1910, W. H. Palmer photo.

Colorado 1. Colorado #1 shaft

Tintic (Knight) Smelter ca. 1910, Silver City. W. H. Palmer photo, U. of U. Special Collections.

Tintic  Smelter. The Smelter has four lead blast furnaces with daily capacity of 250 tons each, and one copper furnace with daily capacity of 250 tons. Necessary equipment to increase the capacity of the copper furnace to 500 tons daily is at the works ready to be installed.

Sam Bass Photos.

Eureka Hill. Site of the Iron Blossom #3 shaft. The grade of the Eureka Hill is in the lower left corner. It runs downgrade curving to the right (North) behind the large waste dump in the center of the photo. Yes, the grade is steep, about 5%. However, from the Iron Blossom #3 the grade was just 1% down to the Beck #2.
Eureka Hill. The grade of the Eureka Hill can be seen crossing the face of Sioux Peak on its way to the end of the line at the Beck Tunnel #2 shaft (out of picture to the right). The railroad grade is the upper of the two roads in the photo. The lower road goes to the Crown Point mine. Large waste dump on the right is the site of the Colorado #1 shaft.
Mt. Timpanogos. One of the benefits of studying the Eureka Hill. View looking NE over Utah Lake to Mt. Timpanogos.
Chief Consolidated hoisthouse compressor. Chief Consolidated hoisthouse compressor.
Chief Consolidated hoisthouse hoist. Chief Consolidated hoisthouse hoist.

Will C. Higgins photo.

Number 2 at smelter. Eureka Hill #2 in the yard at the Tintic Smelter. Note the dual gauge track. Standard gauge track on the extreme right is the Rio Grande Western line to Silver City. Photo is from the Salt Lake Mining Review, July 15, 1908. Will C. Higgins photo.

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