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150 Years on the Rail


This page contains several maps of Evanston showing the routes of rail lines and the locations of railroad staions. Click on the map images for much larger versions.

This first map is provided for historical context: several of the railroad lines ran in areas which were either separate villages or completely unincorporated.

Evanston Incorporations and Annexations

This map shows the routes taken by all of the railroads that served Evanston at the peak of railroad service. From James Buckley's The Evanston Railway Company.

Evanston Railway Map


Here's another map showing bus routes and railway lines, including the locations of many of the passenger stations.Evanston Bus and Railway Map

This next map shows the arrangement of the railroads in downtown Evanston both before and after the track elevation was completed in 1910. Map from George Campbell's North Shore Line Memories, p. 64.

Pre- and Post-Elevation Map of Downtown Evanston

Here is another view of the pre- and post-elevation routing of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul's tracks: