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Clay's Memorial To William Rocky Napier

Memorial Page for:
William "Rocky" Napier
Florida Ghost Founder
and friend.

The poem below, entitled "God's Eternal Candle" is being dedicated to the memory of:
William "Rocky" Napier and the family he left behind.

God's Eternal Candle
Clay Fugitte
revised: February 3, 2007

The Candle above burns bright,
It's of the Love of God's Light.
It burns an eternal flame,
For the hour when God calls our name.
It burns for those whom we have known,
For the Love of Family,
And for the seeds we have sown.

It's brilliant flame flickering against the window pane,
Lighting a loved ones way to Heavens Gate.
Where we shall be met without strife or worldly pain,
To enter into God's Golden Domain.

Fear not Death when it comes for you,
God Will Love, Protect, and Cherish You!

God will use the candles soft glow,
To guide you through Heaven's Way,
It matters not how slow,
For you are now in God's House to stay!

Author: Clay Fugitte - Revised 02/03/2007

Please NOTE: This poem may not be copied, modified, sold,
or used in or on any publication, wether electronic or printed
WITHOUT the written permisson of the author, Clay Fugitte.

William or "Rocky" as many folks knew him was my friend,
and one more than mere words can ever describe.

William was witty, had a great sense of humor and would give
you the shirt off his back if you needed it and even if you didn't!

That's just the type of kind hearted guy he was, and one that will be sorely missed
by not only his family, but those that called him friend.

How I came to know William was through his website Florida Ghost a few years ago,
William, as I, had a passion for the paranormal and of investigating haunted places in Florida.

So even though the poem above was originally written by my own hand back on June 15, 1997,
and revised on February 03, 2007, it gives me even greater pleasure to dedicate this to a person whom I not
only called a friend, but considered him more of a brother.

William my dear friend, I will miss you more than you will ever know!

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