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Alex' Train Log


Well I had to take the SAT Saturday morning so we didn't arrive in Folkston
until 3:30P. I met a lot of guys, and looked at pictures and then we heard
Clear Signal N170 out so we spin around and head to the tracks.

[1]N170 (Myra, KY-Taft, FL) 3:44P
363 CSX AC44CW
357 CSX AC44CW
90 OUCX loads

[2]Q650 (Tampa, FL-Nashville, TN) 3:47P
7757 CSX C40-8W
6010 SOO SD60
6020 SOO SD60
83 cars

[3]Q176 (Jacksonville, FL-Kearney, NJ) 4:15P
672 CSX AC60CW
694 CSX AC60CW
122 pigs

we get three in before the rain comes. We head to the depot and sit, talk
and wait for the next train. I did however go out into the rain for this

[4]Q176 (Jacksonville, FL-Penn Mary Jct., MD) 4:23P
663 CSX AC60CW
5783 CR B36-7
47 pigs

At this time I was talking to Woody about the 24hrs at Folkston and I made
the comment "I guess the one who stays awake for the whole period
wins"..........Woody popped his head up so fast and started running over to
Mr Oates screaming "how many of those trains did you ACTUALLY see" Woody
made the accusation that Mr Oates didn't stay awake the WHOLE 24 hrs.

[5]P098 (Miami, FL-New York, NY) 5:02P
12 cars

[6]L456 (Taft, FL-Waycross, GA) 5:31P
7360 SP I can't find what this locmotive was???!?!?!?!
6800 HLGX C36-7E -ex NS
5897 CSX B36-7
5539 CSX B30-7
140 cars

[7]Q120 (Jacksonville, FL-Chicago, IL) 5:57P
7807 CSX C40-8W
660 CSX AC60CW
107 pigs

[8]X604 (Winston, FL-Waycross, GA, Extra) 6:24P
8722 CSX SD60I
9035 MKCX SD40M-2 sold to HELM
5543 CSX B30-7
518 HATX GP40 -ex CSX
124 cars

[9]Q124 (Jacksonville, FL-Chicago, IL) 7:32P
8043 CSX SD40-2
561 CRL ??
8058 CSX SD40-2
102 pigs

I walked with Mr. Lodge down to Martin St. To take pictures/look at Q606's
power. We were two of about 5 railfans still at the depot. The rest
(including my Dad) went to the Okeefenokee Resturaunt for supper. Danny
Harmon and 4 others grilled out at the depot. Apparently Mr Harmon was in a
rush leaving Tampa, because he forgot to bring a spatula(I know that is a
wrong spelling) for the Hamburgers. Later some of the railfans from the
Okeefenoke. They found out that there was an interesting lash up sitting at
Martin Street. The Engineer climbed down from the locomotive and gave out a
bag of goodies!! I saw Woody start to run toward the train and I started
running and looked up and saw the engineer with the bag. I got a hat. Woody
gave me the Hand Break Manuel that he was given. One guy got a Jacksonville
Division Timetable, and one other railfan recieved Trainorders for a
previous Q606.

[10]N175 (Ivel, KY-Indiantown, FL) 7:40P
9032 CSX C44-9W
96 cars (90 CSXT loads/6 NAHX loaded Lime hoppers)

back at the depot.

[11]P052 (Sanford, FL-Lorton, VA) 8:02P
838 AMTK P42DC
836 AMTK P42DC
48 cars

[12]S453 (Waycross, GA-Miami, FL Second Section) 8:15P
7917 CSX C40-8W
6524 HLCX SD40M-3 SD45 shell -ex DRGW
8407 CSX SD40-2
155 cars

[13]Q606 (East Bridge, La-Waycross, GA) 8:23P
6309 UP ??
9735 SP GP60 not renumbered!!!!!
B4272 UP SD40-2 former MP locomotive
140 cars

[14]A773 (Fernandina, FL-Waycross, GA) 8:41P
5850 CSX B36-7
5856 CSX B36-7
56 cars

Took Dad to the Motel and came back just in time to see this

[15]P092 (Miami, FL-New York, NY) 8:59P
21 cars

I moved to the location where Frank Crowe, Woody, Mr Oates, and 2 others
(don't know their names) It really started getting cold and windy.

[16] Q601 (Waycross, GA-New Orleans, LA) 9:30P
8241 CSX SD40-2
9024 MKCX SD40-2
8882 NS C40-9
83 cars

[17]K899 (New one on me) 9:41P
8409 CSX SD40-2
9146 UP C40-8
9018 MPI SD40-2
60 loaded Phosphate hoppers

[18]Q142 (Jacksonville, FL-Cincinnati, OH) 10:04P
675 CSX AC60CW
8747 CR SD60I
95 pigs

Now by this time Joe Oates left and some of the other guys were going insane
from not getting any sleep since Wednesday and Thursday. There was one guy
passed out in the back of Woody's car and Woody was sleeping between trains.
Woddy also wasn't getting out of the car because it was cold. Frank and I
were the hardcore railfans braving the cold wind.

[19]Q228 (Baldwin, FL-Pottersburg, OH) 10:12P
4673 BNSF C44-9W 7th newest BNSF locomotive
9514 LRCX SF30C -ex ATSF
144 racks

Well everyone left and I pulled up to the depot JUST in time to see this fact I saw this one from the truck.

[20]K651 (Greenville, NJ-Tampa, FL) 10:24P
5002 CSX AC60CW
7914 CSX C40-8W
7907 CSX C40-8W
158 cars

Those still at the depot left for the night with the exception of ONE
railfan in his middle twenties (sorry forgot his name too)
[21]Q103 (Charleston, SC-Jacksonville, FL)
9786 UP C40-8W
3656 UP SD40-2
112 pigs

[22]Q215 (Cincinnati, OH-Jacksonville, FL) 11:00P
7879 CSX C40-8W
7806 CSX C40-8W
88 autos

[23]K440-06 (Tampa, FL-Waycross, GA) 11:11P
8674 CRQ SD50
430 HATX GP40 -ex CSX
145 cars (very little phosphate on this one mostly freight)

I packed it up for the night and went to the Western Motel for a little
sleep...........Woke up and went to the tracks with instructions to pick Dad
up at 1000A

[24]Q458 (Jacksonville, FL-Waycross, GA) 7:48A
9017 CSX C44-9W
8655 CSX SD50
7197 HLGX SD40-2
8068 CSX SD40-2
6062 CSX GP40-2
150 cars

[25]S608 (Baldwin, FL-Waycross, GA second section) 8:07P
7537 CSX C40-8
5894 CSX B36-7
101 cars

Railfanned Folkston with Frank and three of his friends  from Largo FL
[26]P091 (New York, NY-Miami, FL) 8:36A
54 AMTK P42 DC
16 cars

P091 stopped to manually line the switch at folkston. The dispatcher said he
could not do anything with it.

[27]A772 (Waycross, GA-Fernandina, FL) 9:31P
5862 CSX B36-7
5856 CSX B36-7
75 cars

[28]Q104 (Jacksonville, FL-Charleston, SC) 10:00A (looks like I am late to
pick dad up)
7602 CSX C40-8
8429 CSX SD40-2
99 pigs

I went to pick Dad up and missed Q215 :-( Frank and Co. left for Largo FL
but Cookie came to watch trains with us for about 20-30 minutes

[29]Q141 (Cincinnati, OH-Jacksonville, FL) 10:26A
3091 UP SD40-2
7857 CSX C40-8W
164 pigs

Cookie left and I went to sit at the depot for the rest of the day

[30]Q452 (Miami, FL-Waycross, GA) 10:35A
246 CSX AC44CW
132 cars

[31]K651 (Greenville, NJ-Tampa, FL) 11:30A
7618 CSX C40-8
42 cars

[32]A789 (Waycross, GA-Bush, FL) 11:47A
5870 CSX B36-7
5824 CSX B36-7
119 cars

[33]Q603 (Waycross, GA-Winston, FL) 12:27P
8531 CSX SD50
6310 EMD SD40-2
86 cars

[34]Q127 (Chicago, IL-Jacksonville, FL) 12:40P
7732 CSX C40-8W
7832 CSX C40-8W
143 pigs

[35]Q126 (Jacksonville, FL-Chicago, IL) 12:49P
9786 UP C40-8W
3656 UP SD40-2
88 pigs

[36]G690 (Live Oak, FL-Parr, IN) 1:19P
7073 CSX C30-7
8673 CRQ SD50
51 grain empties

[37]Q233 (Louisville, KY-Jacksonville, FL) 1:40P
8443 CSX SD40-2
8062 CSX SD40-2
92 autos

[38]Q121 (Chicago, IL-Jacksonville, FL) 1:53P
8703 CSX SD60
8362 CSX SD40-2
5049 RMGX C30-7 -ex BN
102 pigs

[39]P097 (New York, NY-Miami, FL) 2:03P
12 cars

[40]Q604 (Winston, FL-Waycross, GA) 2:23P
8465 CSX SD40-2
8471 CSX SD40-2
133 cars

This is the last I saw of any railfans this weekend. I was the last to
arrive and the last to leave. One railfan said they were going to Hilliard
FL. He said he would love to see a BN on the point of a train on this clear
day. I didn't see a cloud in the sky the whole day!

[41]Q601 (Waycross, GA-New Orleans, LA) 3:47P
7795 CSX C40-8W
135 CSX AC44CW
117 cars

[42]Q174 (Jacksonville, FL-Kearny, NJ) 4:16P
648 CSX AC60CW
626 CSX AC60CW
122 pigs

[43]L455 (Waycross, GA-Taft, FL) 4:28P
7849 CSX C40-8W
8604 CSX SD50
5936 CSX B36-7
3186 CR B23-7R
5033 RMGX C30-7 -ex BN
5852 CSX B36-7
8388 CSX SD40-2
7315 CR C40-8W
140 cars

[44]X604 (Winston, FL-Waycross, GA extra section) 4:35P
8734 CRQ SD60I
8006 CSX SD40-2
141 cars

[45]K810 (Tampa, FL-Chicago, IL) 4:52P
662 CSX AC60CW
124 SHLX empty tanks

[46]P098 (Miami, FL-New York, NY) 5:06P
12 cars

[47]L650 (Tampa, FL-Nashville, TN) 5:10P
4391 BNSF C44-9W
4503 C44-9W
8038 BN SD40-2
62 cars

[48]Q213 (Cincinnati, OH-Tampa, FL) 5:18P
8446 CSX SD40-2
6504 HLCX SD40M-3
90 autos

[49] N176 (Ivel, KY-Indiantown, FL) 6:00P
171 CSX AC44CW
380 CSX AC44CW
75 OUCX/CSXT loads

[50]Q609 (Waycross, GA-New Orleans, LA) 6:05P
5882 CSX B36-7
9032 MKCX SD40-2
99 cars

[51]L457 (Waycross, GA-Jacksonville, FL) 6:21P
3562 UP SD40-2
8352 CSX SD40-2
1153 CSX MP15
131 cars