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Photos by Mike Woodruff

Q120 behind a C44-8W/C40-8/C40-8W combination. October 27, 2000.


Q604 observes the 10 mph slow order on the crossover from Track #2 to Track#1 at Folkston, as C40-8W 7913 and TFM SD40-2 1416 drag 126 cars toward Waycross. October 28, 2000.


No 10 mph crossover for Q606 as he charges toward the Jesup sub turnout with 141 cars behind CSX C40-8W 7873, LRCX "SF30C" 9526, SP SD40T-2 8510 and UP C41-8W 9473. October 28, 2000.


Amtrak P053 deserves a tardy slip, as he's running about six hours late behind CSX SD40-2 8194 and Amtrak P40s 839 and 843. Failure of the 839 has put the 8194 on the point and restricted the train to 60 mph. Delay has been maximized by the dispatcher lining the train through the 10 mph crossover at Folkston from Track #1 to Track #2, and compounded with the engineer setting a bit too much air to comply with the slow order, resulting in the train coming to a complete stop right in front of us while the brakes release. October 28, 2000.


Highlight of the weekend, for me, at least, were these two CEFX SD90MACs on train Q230. Too bad it was so backlit. Below is a better sun angle on the going-away view. October 28, 2000.


AC4400CWs 397 and 91 had their traction motors screaming as they did the honors with this mystery coal train--no one wrote down the number :-( .October 28, 2000.

The light was fading by 18:06 when Q120 showed up behind SD70MAC 764, and C40-8Ws 7737 and 7847 in charge of 101 pigs and containers. October 28, 2000.

Ex-CR C40-8W 7354 on Q608 sure needed some "locomotive Wheaties" as he dragged dead MPI SD40 9015 and 122 cars through the 10 mph crossover and on toward Waycross. October 29, 2000.

Two B36-7 "pig boats" had a good roll on the 117 cars of A789, the Busch local, as they sailed through the turnout onto Track #1 at Folkston. October 29, 2000.

It's the empty juice train, K651, behind CRQ SD60Is 8722 and 8750. October 29, 2000.

Q127 with SD70MAC 767, C40-8 7525 and ex-CR C40-8W 7352 handling 156 pigs and containers from Chicago. October 29, 2000.