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Woody's Train Log


A group of some of the southeast's most dedicated railfans came to a sacred hot spot in the the southeastern most tip of Georgia. called the "Florida Funnel" on April 7, 8 and 9, 2000.  Spearheaded by Danny Harmon of the Tampa area and several of the local cictizens of the town of Folkston, Ga., where the funnel is located, nearly 30 people came to watch CSX put on a very good show.Averaging 60 trains in 24 hours the variety of power seen exceeded my expectations.  So enough of the yack yack . Here is a report of what I saw during a 24 hour session at Folkston. I must credit many people for there assistance in the ID process of this report.

4-7-2000 Folkston ,Ga.
172     CSX5919,HLCX6046,CSX ?                               2:20pm
K651-05 CSX666                                               2:25pm
A764    CSX ?,HLCX ?,NYC8723,NYC8744                         2:45pm
Q236    NYC8650,FURX3021  (parked at Folkston 26 hrs.)       3:00pm
Q121    CSX9044,CSX7000,CSX8468,CSX ?                        3:25pm
174     CSX617,NYC8776                                       3:50pm
Q230    CSX5841,UPb4207                                      4:15pm
U452-05 CSX48,CSX8459             101 cars                   5:15pm
P098    AMT80                      10 cars                   5:00pm
U147    CSX7564,CSX110             90 cars                   5:05pm
U128    CSX93,CSX317               90 cars                   5:20pm
Q176    CSX649,CSX643                                        6:05pm
Q604    CSX49,CSX7815                                        6:35pm
Q120    CSX6041,CSX6395,CSX8120                              6:40pm
Q605    CSX601,UP143,CEFX9359sp                              6:58pm
Q606    UP6072,UPb4231,SP8579,UP106                          7:20pm
K835-05 CSX8249,CSX8628             64 cars                  7:26pm
Q215    CSX9020,CSX7852             64 cars too              7:40pm
P052    AMT841,AMT840               48 cars                  8:15pm
A773    CSX5852,CSX5862,CSX5824                              8:45pm
Q124    CSX8071,EMDX6046,CSX5919                             8:55pm
T101    CSX343,CSX244                                        9:15pm
P092    AMT822,AMT823               20 cars                  9:55pm

Q603    CSX3141,CSX5506                                     10:00pm
Q215    CSX663,NYC5783                                      11:00pm
K652    UP8226,KCS6603                                      11:35pm
Q605-07 CSX8312,HATX429,HLGX584                             11.35pm
142     CSX5884,ATGX5538bn,CSX6279                          12.30am
P089    AMT71,AMT41 stopped @ Folkston to have passenger
        removed by the local police                          1:30am
A762    NYC8681,HLCX6515,HLCX6066                            1:35am
T101    CSX310,CSX269                                        1:50am
A761    CSX8136,MKCX9014,RMGX5036bn                          2:05am
Q602    NYC7373,NYC8677,CSX8161,BN8119                       2:30am
P090    AMT92                      9 cars                    3:40am
Q251    CSX7842,LRCX9515                                     3:53am
A763    NYC5958,RMGX5028,NYC4451                             4:10am
Q104    CSX7852,CSX9030                                      4:30am
N163-01 CSX ?,CSX ?       (blocked by U125)                  5:10am
U125-06 NYC8812,CSX7711                                      5:10am
Q606-08 NYC7379,UP4203,CEFX7309sp,CSX5913                    6:40am
Q173    CSX672,CSX684                                        7:10am
T101    CSX694,CSX7783                                       7:20am
Q126    CSX9044,CSX682                                       7:40am
A772    CSX5856,NYC5850                                      7:50am
P053    AMT836,AMT838                                        8:25am
P091    AMT70,AMT87                                          8:40am
Q233    BNSF4391,BNSF4503                                    8:45am
Q101    CSX675,NYC8747                                       9:00am
N100    CSX5,CSX173                                          9:30am
Q141    CSX8058,HLGX561,NYC8655                             10:05am

X550-08 NYC7347,CSX7000                                     10:20am
N175    CSX107,CSX342                                       10:35am
K654    CSX8777,CSX8778 (fresh repaints)                    10:55am
Q441-06 CSX8224,EMDX7003                                    11:00am
Q441-07 CSX7916,CSX7512,NYC5790                             11:35am
A789    CSX5824,CSX5870                                     11:38am
P097    AMT47                                               11:40am
Q601    UP6072,UP106,SP8579,UPb4231                         12:15pm
Q127    CSX9045,CSX679                                      12:55pm
N103-03 CSX750,CSX393                                        1:08pm
Q603    CSX48,HLCX6514,CSX2292,CSX6496                       1:20pm
Q121    CSX8429,CSX7602                                      2:00pm
A763    CSX7744,HLCX6063,CSX5509  (the 61st train in 24 hrs) 2:15pm
N170    CSX363,CSX357                                        3:38pm
Q650    CSX7757,SOO6010,SOO6020                              3:40pm
Q174    CSX672,CSX674                                        4:10pm
Q176    CSX663,NYC5783                                       4:30pm
P098    AMT57                       12 cars                  5:00pm
U456    SP7360,HLGX6800,CSX5891,CSX5539  140 cars            5:30pm
Q606    UP6309,SP9735,UP4277                                 6:45pm
Q124    CSX8043,HLGX561,CSX8058  102 cars                    7:30pm
N175    CSX22,CSX9032             96 cars                    7:38pm
A773    CSX5850,CSX5856           55 cars                    7:50pm
P052    AMT838,AMT836    48 cars                             8:15pm

S453    CSX7917,HLCX6524,CSX8407              155 cars       8:25pm
P092    AMT814,AMT 7                           22 cars       8:30pm
K899-07 CSX8409,UP9146,MKCX9018                              8:50pm
Q228-07 BNSF4673,LRCX9515                                    9:05pm
Q601    CSX8241,MKCX9024,NS8882                              9:30pm
Q142    CSX675,NYC8747                                      10:00pm
K651    CSX5002,CSX7914,CSX7907                             10:15pm