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Foothill Rails--Misc.--Auburn,CA


Auburn Chamber Of Commerce
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1.-2. Located on Lincoln Way is the Auburn depot now used by the Chamber of Commerce. Late 2007
saw a cupola added to the station along with the dock at the east end getting enclosed. This depot was built in 1898.
3.-4. SP caboose #4604 is part of the display here.
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5.-7. A baggage/freight cart and CNW boxcars #s 546061 and 546001 may also be seen on display.
8. Located in the parking lot is the plaque dedicated to the transcontinental railroad.

Bloomer Cut
There is no "public" access to the infamous Bloomer Cut but this plaque is located nearby on
Herdal Drive off of Auburn-Folsom Rd.

Train Village

The area between Auburn and Bowman is referred to as Train Village by long time residents. Until recently it was
thought that the name came from a live steam ride at the corner of Bowman Rd and Luther Rd. Research has revealed
that most of the land and the steam ride was owned by a Mr. Train and the first residential development took on the
name Train Village. The railroad was a 12 inch guage line and passed through the hands of at least one more owner
before being dismantled. Currently the locomotive, Dirty Gertie, and the remains of the cars and track are privately
owned in Wilton,CA. Gertie is in pieces awaiting restoration. The first photo shows the lot on which the railroad existed.
The second photo shows a culvert once used to pass under Luther Rd to reach the engine house. I've also found a map
with this area labeled as Train Village.

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1. Flint on Pacific Ave above the Gold Country Fairgrounds was once the interchange between the SP and
the Mountain Quarries RR. Part of this site is now Railhead Park.
2. Along Highway 49 in North Auburn can be found this church billboard which is actually the old Cal-Ida
Lumber switcher. Homebuilt by Barney Gauldin, chief mechanic at Cal-Ida. The loco was a failure and has sat
at this spot for over 50 years. It has since been painted over in all white. I would love to have a pic of her
in the original green and white paint scheme showing the Cal-Ida logo.
3. Ex SSW boxcar #10181 located in Bowman and currently owned by Euro Cast Stone.
4. Auburn Cemetary is home to ex SSW #5663. Note: Gone from property sometime around 2011.
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5.-7. Rolling stock, including Apache Powder Plymouth #12 serial #5295, privately owned and can be found along Hwy 49.(photos taken with permission)
The caboose and locomotive were sold to private owners in 2022, while NCO combine #12 is now at the NCO Museum in Alturas,CA.
8. Caboose SP #1184 recently(mid 2005??) arrived in Bowman and located near boxcar SSW #10181.
(recently moved again[October 2005??] to Atascadero,CA.)
9. ATSF #999576 is privately owned on Shirland Tract Rd. (note: gone from property 2013)
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10-13. The 2nd Nevada Street depot still stands as a hay barn for a local feed/grain store.
14. Sometime between the photos in 2008 and late 2011, the station remains were replaced with a steel shed.
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15.-17. The walls separating the sand and gravel stockpiles at A & A Concrete Supply (former Chevreaux Ready Mix Cement) plant on Hwy 49 are made from boxcar sides.
At least two of these are ex Southern Pacific. The conveyer tunnel underneath the stockpiles is made from two buried tank cars.
18. WP 643 has been privately restored. Located on Shanley Road.
19. PFE reefer 4285 is located on Stone House Rd.

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