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Nor-Cal Shortline
Books & Videos

This is a quick reference listing of books and videos covering Northern California Shortlines.
Some are currently available, while others may be out of print.
If you know of any more that should be added, please email me.


A Centennial - South Pacific Coast, Macgregor-Truesdale

Amador Central Railroad, Deborah Coleen Cook

American River Canyon, Rodi Lee & Mike Lynch Mountain Quarries RR

A Tale Of Two Cities And A Train, Jaunita Kennedy Browne Nevada County Narrow Guage

Birth Of California Narrow Guage, Bruce MacGregor South Pacific Coast

Bonanza Railroads, Gilbert H. Kneiss San Francisco & San Jose, Sacramento Vly, Nevada Co Narrow Guage, Sacramento Placer & Nevada, California Central

California Central Coast Railways, Rick Hamman Molino Timber, Loma Prieta Lumber

California Heritage: A History of Northern California Lumbering, William Hutchinson Sierra Lumber

California's Locomotives: Shortline Steam in the Golden State, Joseph Strapac Many Northern California shortline rod engines covered.

California's Locomotives: ALCo and GE Shortline and Industrial Diesels, Strapac

California's Lumber Shortline Railroads, Jeff Moore

California's Tidewater Shortlines, Norman Holmes Tidewater Southern, CCT, STE, Oakland Terminal, Howard Terminal, ABL, State Belt

Cars Of The Sacramento Northern, Ira Swett Sacramento Northern

Central California Traction, Stanley-Moreau Central California Traction

Crookedest Railroad In The World, Wurm-Graves Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods

Donner Pass, John Signor small amount on Mountain Quarries, Birce & Smart, Towle Bros

El Dorado Narrow Guage, Mallory Hope Ferrell Diamond & Caldor

Empire, Francis Sugar Pine Ry, Empire City, Stanislaus Ry. Standard Lumber pre Pickering

Fruit Growers Supply Company, Tim Purdy Fruit Growers

Hetch Hetchy And Its Dam Railroad, Ted Wurm Hetch Hetchy

Last Of The Three Foot Loggers, Allen Krieg West Side

Logging Railroads of Humboldt and Mendocino Counties, Katy Tahja

Mallets On The Mendocino Coast, Ted Wurm Caspar South Fork & Eastern

Matches, Flumes, and Rails, Kent Stephens Diamond Match, Sierra Lumber, Butte Co RR

Mt. Quarries Railroad 100 Yr Anniversary Special History Publication, Placer County Historical Foundation

Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railway, Fred Runner

Napa Valley Route: Electric Trains & Steamers, Ira Swett & Harry Aitken Jr

Narrow Guage By The Crags, H.W.Trapnell MA Burns Lmbr, Castle Crag Lmbr

Narrow Guage Nostalgia, George Turner Diamond & Caldor, Merced Gold Mine, Nevada Co Narrow Guage

Narrow Guage Portrait South Pacific Coast, Bruce MacGregor

Narrow Guage Railway Scenes, Adolf Hungry Wolf photos of NCNG, Mich-Cal, Diamond & Caldor, West Side and many other lines

Narrow Guage To The Redwoods, Dickinson-Wurm-Graves North Pacific Coast

Nevada County Narrow Guage, Gerald Best Neveda Co Narrow Guage

Never Come Never Go, Robert Wyckoff Nevada Co Narrow Guage

Northern California Railroads-The Silver Age Vol 1&2, Fred Matthews Sacramento Northern, Modesto & Empire Traction, Tidewater Southern, Yreka Western, McCloud, California Western, Quincy, Feather River Ry, Pickering, West Side, Diamond & Caldor, Sierra and NWP

Northwestern Pacific Pictorial, Westley Fox NWP

Northwestern Pacific & Its Successors, Westley Fox NWP, Eureka Southern, California Northern, North Coast RR

Ocean Shore Railroad, Chris Hunter Ocean Shore

One Kids Pino Grande, Robert Ramsey Michigan-California Lumber

Pacific Slope Railroads, George Abdill San Francisco & San Jose, South Pacific Coast, California Pacific, Nevada Co Narrow Guage, Sacramento Valley, McCloud

Petaluma & Santa Rosa Railroad, John Schmale

Pine Across The Mountain, Robert M Hanft McCloud

Pino Grande, RS Polkinghorn Michigan-California Lumber, Camino Placerville & Lake Tahoe

Railroads Of Nevada County, Andrew Brandon

Railroads Of Nevada & Eastern California vol 1-3, David Myrick Sierra Valleys, Boca & Loyalton, Verdi Lumber, Hobart Estates, Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber, Lake Tahoe Ry & Transportation, Truckee Lumber, Clover Valley, Quincy, Fruit Growers, Red River Lmbr, Lassen Lumber & Box, Indian Valley, Feather River Lmbr, Feather River Railway, Butte & Plumas and much much more.

Railroads Of Placer County, Arthur Sommers & Roger Staub

Railroads Of The Yosemite Valley, Hank Johnston Yosemite Valley, Yosemite Lumber, Yosemite SugarPine Lumber, Yosemite Portland Cement

Rails Around Lake Tahoe, Ferrell

Rails Around McCloud, Jeff Moore McCloud

Rails In The Mother Lode, Adolf Hungry Wolf Sierra, West Side, Pickering, Hetch Hetchy

Rails In The Shadow Of MT Shasta, John Signor McCloud, Weed Lumber, Long-Bell Lumber

Rails To The Minarets, Johnston Sugar Pine Lumber, Minarets & Western

Red River, Robert M Hanft Red River Lumber, Almanor RR, Anderson & Bella Vista, Shasta Lumber

Redwood Railways, Gilbert Kneiss North Pacific Coast, Northwestern Pacific and all predecessors

Redwoods, Iron Horses & The Pacific, Spencer Crump California Western

Roaring Camp Railroads, Kifle & Goodman

Sacramento Northern, Harre Demoro

Sacramento Northern, Ira Swett Sac Northern and predecessors

Sacramento Northern Gallery, James Harrison Sac Northern

Sacramento Northern Railway, Paul Trimble Sac Northern and some Tidewater Southern, Central California Traction

Shortline Junction, Jack Wagner California Western, McCloud, Yreka Western, Quincy RR, Sierra

Shortline To Paradise, Hank Johnston Yosemite Valley

Sierra Railway, Dorothy Newell Deane Sierra, West Side, Standard Lumber

South Pacific Coast, Bruce MacGregor SPC

Souvenir Of A Visit to The Lake Spaulding-Drum Power Developement In The Sierra Nevada Region of California, PG & E PG & E railroads

SP's Shasta Division, John Signor McCloud, Weed Lumber, Long-Bell Lumber, Fruit Growers, LaMoine Lumber, Castle Cragg Lumber, Anderson & Bella Vista/California Shasta & Eastern, Iron Mountain, Sacramento Valley & Eastern, and so much more.

Steam Echoes, Glenn Beier photo album for Sierra, Pickering, West Side, Feather River Ry

Steam In The Redwoods, Sorensen-Carranao

Sugar Pine Railway Memories, Manny Marshall Sugar Pine, Pickering

The California Investment of The Diamond Match Company, William Hutchinson Diamond Match

The Last Whistle, Jack Wagner Ocean Shore

The Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Redwood Empire Route, Fred Stindt & Guy Dunscomb

The Northwestern Pacific Railroad Vol I & II, Fred Stindt

The Railroad That Lighted Southern California, Hank Johnston Big Creek, San Joaquin & Eastern, Shaver Lake

The Skunk Railroad, Spencer Crump Cal Western

The Slow, Tired & Easy Railroad, Olive Davis Stockton Terminal & Eastern

The State Belt, San Fracisco's Waterfront Railroad, Kaufman & Kaufman

The Sugar Pine Railway, Pam Connors/USGS Sugar Pine, Pickering

The Swayne Lumber Company, Beckstrom-Braun Swayne Lumber/Butte & Plumas

The West Branch Mill Of The Sierra Lumber Company, Andy Mark

The Whistles Blow No More, Hank Johnston Yosemite Lumber, Madera Sugar Pine, Sugar Pine Lumber, Minarets & Western

The Yreka Western Railroad, Kent Stephens Yreka Western

Thunder In The Mountains, Hank Johnston Madera Sugar Pine

Towle Brothers, Roger Staab

Trains To The Russian River, Fred Stindt North Pacific Coast, Northwestern Pacific

Trains To Yosemite, Jack Burgess Yosemite Valley

West Side-Narrow Guage In The Sierra, Mallory Hope Ferrell West Side Lumber

West Side Pictorial, Mallory Hope Ferrell West Side Lumber

When Steam Was King, Gerald French Sierra, Pickering, West Side, Empire City, Stanislaus Ry

Western Steam Pictorial, Dunscomb & Dunscomb Arcata & Mad River, Fruit Growers Supply, Lassen Lmbr & Box, McCloud, Modesto & Empire Traction Nevada Co Narrow Gauge, NWP, Pacific Lmbr, Pickering, Red River Lmbr, San Joaquin & Eastern, Sierra Swayne and much much more.

Yreka Western Railroad, Matt Starman & Tim Stricker

America's Historic Steam Railroads: Roaring Camp & Big Trees Narrow Guage Railroad, Goldhill Home Media

A Rough Cut Life: Logging Railroad Stories, Catenary Productions West Side, Pickering, Diamond & Caldor, Hammond Lmbr

California Narrow Gauge, Morrison & MacGregor NPC and SPC

California Northern, Pentrex

California Northern vols 1-3, Bates Publishing

California Western Railroad, Pentrex

California's Baldwin Diesels, Pentrex Amador Central, Sierra

California's North Coast Logging Railroads, Catenary Productions Caspar South Fork & Eastern, Hammond, Pacific Lmbr, Arcata & Mad River, NWP, more

Caltrain: Destination San Francisco, Pentrex

Camino Quality-The Story Of Michigan-California Lumber, Take One Productions

Electric Rails Around The Bay, Charles Smiley Presents Sacramento Northern and others

From The Redwoods To The Boardwalk, Railway Productions Roaring Camp & Big Trees, Santa Cruz Big Trees & Pacific

Gears In The Woods, Sunday River Productions Feather River, McCloud, West Side, Pickering and others

Great Shortlines West,Charles Smiley Presents CORP, CCT, Amador Central, STE, Trona, MET and others

Heislers Shays & Other Teakettles, A & R Productions some West Side, Mt Tamalpais & Muir Woods

Last Run Of The Amador Central, Machines Of Iron

Logging In The Sierra, Pentrex West Side, Pickering

McCloud Railway, Machines Of Iron

McCloud River, Pentrex

McCloud 1994-1995 Freight Operations, Bates Publishing

McCloud Excursion Train, Bates Publishing

McCloud Shasta Sunset Dinner Train, Bates Publishing

McCloud Steam Returns To The McCloud, Bates Publishing

Napa Valley Wine Train, Pentrex

Narrow Guage Logging Railroads Of El Dorado County, Catenary Productions Diamond & Caldor, Michigan-California Lumber

Nevada County Narrow Gauge, Nevada County Historical Society-Video Division

North Coast Daylight, Bates Publishing Eureka Southern

Northwestern Pacific vol1, Machines Of Iron

Pickering's Sugar Pine, Pentrex

Pickering's sugar Pine, Catenary Productions

Rails To The Redwood Empire, Catenary Productions NWP, California Western

Sacramento Northern Railway in 1940, Catenary Productions

Sierra Railroad In Steam, Catenary Productions

Sierra Railroad, Machines of Iron

Sierra Railway, Greg Scholl Productions

Sierra Shortlines Vol 1 & 2, Catenary Productions Sierra, Yosemite Lmbr, Yosemite Valley, Amador Central, Hetch Hetchy, NCNG

The Feather River & Hillcrest, Sunday River Productions Feather River Ry

The Complete Sierra, Sunday River Productions Sierra, Yosemite Valley, Hetch Hetchy

The Complete West Side, sunday River Productions

The Sierra Railroad, Green Frog Productions

The Sierra Railroad, Machines Of Iron

Today's Northwestern Pacific, Pentrex

West Side, Pentrex

West Side, Catenary Productions

Willits To Eureka, DF & Associates California Western, Eureka Southern

Yolo Shortline, Machines Of Iron


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