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Foothill Rails--Misc.--Colfax,CA

The Depot
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Recently the Colfax Depot has undergone a restoration and now serves as a museum, gift shop, and Amtrak waiting room.

1. & 2. are east and west views.
3. Two ex Southern Pacific baggage carts on display.
4. A new plaque has been added.
5. The inside of the "bay window" area.

The Freighthouse
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The freighthouse is currently used as businesses including an antique shop and ice cream parlor.
1. The old red paintjob.
2.-4. Repainted. New displays of a speeder, wig-wag and concret phone booth as well as a new plaque have been added.
5. NWP caboose #28 sits nearby.

NCNG Right-Of-Way
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1. & 2. views of the row for the NCNGRR as it approches town.
3. View leaving town taken from the new plaque shown in image 4.

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1. Colfax Chamber of Commerce is housed in this ex ATSF passenger car. Note the car has been lettered for Southern Pacific.
(Note: This car now houses a childrens music center.)
2. Plaque for the transcontinental railroad.
3. Located on Hwy 174 is a plaque for Cape Horn. The Cape is viewable from here.
4. The base of the old water tower that stood just west of and across the tracks from the old enginehouse.
5. 6. 7.
5-7. These three privately owned PCC cars can be found along Highway 174 and are SF Muni 1101, Toronto Transit Commission 4472, and unknown.

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