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Foothill Rails--Misc.--Georgetown,CA
On Display
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Several railroad items are on display in a shopping center along Highway 193:
1. Locomotive is Porter 0-4-0T #3609 blt 1906. Built as Salem Brick & Lmbr #5, to Slidell Brick & Tile #5.
Then sold through a series of private owners and ending up on display.
2. Former Southern Pacific caboose unknown number.
3.-4. Two mine locomotives. Origins and types unknown.
5. This is a replica depot.

Georgetown Shortline Live Steam
Off of Main Street was a neat little live steamer. Fairs were quite reasonable. (update: Noted as of Jan. 2007, all rails have been taken up.)

Brooks Locomotive Works

Brook Rother does restoration and repair work and usually has several locomotives on site at any given time.
These projects come and go as they are completed though a couple have found a fairly permanant home here.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
1. Apache Powder #14, Plymouth serial #4431.
2. Olin Corp OB-551.
3. Unknown Plymouth numbered 3.
4. Godchaux Sugar #7
5. Hawaii Railway Co #5. Once used on the Tahoe Trout Creek & Pacific, now at CAMA in CT.
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6. Most likley this is Custom Fabricators "Green" loco from Santa Clara,CA amusement park Great America.
7. The 5/8 scale #68 came from Astroworld Theme Park in Houston,TX. Originally #2 on the "610 Limited Train Ride.
8. Hawaiian Philippine Co #8, ex Honolulu Plantation Co #2 Halawa. Baldwin cn16438, blt 1899.
9. Hawaiian Philippine Co #9, ex Kahuku Plantation Co #?, ex Honolulu Plantation Co #5 Manana. Baldwin cn43246, blt 1916.
10. Brimstone shay #35 finds a temporary home while on its way from Silverbend Farms in Clarksburg,Ca to its new owner.
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There is much more lying about including an unknown caboose, boiler, and cab.

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