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Foothill Rails--Misc.--Jamestown,CA

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1. Ex Sierra, nee SP #1015 caboose privately owned on Bell Mooney Rd.
2.-5. The Hurst collection is found on Hwy 108/49 just west of downtown.
Collection includes PFE reefers #10529 & #11647 along with a WP tank car and
unknown flat car and critter locomotive.
Railtown 1897

Here's my collection of images from a couple different trips to Jamestown's Railtown 1897.
This doesn't include the locomotives featured elsewhere on this site.
They have quite an extensive collection and are a division of the California State Rail Museum.
For an equipment roster please visit the official website.

See also my Sierra RR, Sierra Ry and Pickering Lmbr rosters.

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