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Foothill Rails--Misc.--Newcastle,CA


1. 2.

1. Transcontinental historical plaque placed on Main Street near grade crossing.
2. These two plymouths are owned by Dobbas Construction. Bldr #s 1380 and 1381.
History is ex Mercury Mining #1&2, nee Nevada Massachusetts Co #1&2,
nee F Rolandi, nee California Construction #1&2.
History info thanks to Bob Lehmuth.

Central Pacific Right of Way

This series of pics follows the Central Pacific row west from Main St.
Along this section of row there are still ties and rail visible in spots as
noted in some of the images. (note: parking lot has been repaved, ties no longer
Last photo is looking back toward Newcastle at
the western end of this section of row.

The above four images follow the CP row east from the I80 bridge.

The Boxcars Of Newcastle
There are or were many boxcars being used by various owners scattered around Newcastle.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
1.&2. A&A Stepping Stone briefly owned these two boxes but had them scrapped mid 2004.
3. Unknown owner. This is ex Southern Pacific #343249. Located on Laings Hill Rd.
4. Southern #41388 is privately owned and sits just off of Hwy 193. (note: gone from property as of 2-05)
5. Simpson & Simpson owns ex Cotton Belt #57061.
6. 7. 8. 9.
6. Rushway owns this ex SP or SSW boxcar.
7.& 8. These two half boxcars are being used as boat sheds by Dobbas Const. Identities are UP #355221 and CNW #155562.
9. Gabe Mendez Inc is home to ex SSW #56634.

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