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Foothill Rails--Misc.--Penryn

Street, aerial, and depot fire insurance maps. Both the street and aerial maps are marked to match the images below.

1. 2. 3.
1. A spur to the Griffith granite quarry leaves the mainline here, follows English Colony Way, and crosses Taylor Road to the quarry itself.
2. A view of the Penryn depot looking east.
3. The Southern Pacific section house seen on the insurance map still stands as a private residence.

4a. 4b. 5a. 5b.
4.-5. From the drawings in images 4a and 5a, rails can be seen serving the quarry. Images 4b and 5b are contemporary views of the drawings.

6. 7.
6. Privately owned PFE #12384 reefer along Taylor Road.
7. Mandarin Hill Orchards has this little mining tank car on display.

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