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Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian, 2005-present


Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian, 2005-present

Fred Klein, 2013

The Pennsylvanian is a day train mostly within Pennsylvania from New York to Pittsburgh via Philadelphia. It travels 444 miles in 9 hours, one daily train in each direction. Before Amtrak, the Pennsylvania Railroad train over the same route was the Keystone or Duquesne. Amtrak operated the Pennsylvanian train between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh starting in 1980, partly with a state subsidy. The Pennsylvanian train with its present endpoints and operating with Amfleet II cars (1 door) started in 2005. The route between Harrisburg and Pittsburg is not electrified and draws on different diesel locomotives, but the New York to Philadelphia run is electrically powered. After 2005, it is a good example of a regional Amtrak train running with Amfleet cars with the phase VI “wave” paint scheme. Model locomotives and cars for this train are readily available in N scale, and it is an easy short train to assemble and run while being prototypical.


The Pennsylvanian powered by a GE Dash8-32BWH in Lancaster PA on April 12, 2013. Four of five coaches plus a café car are typical. The coaches are the amfleet II (1 door) type in phase VI paint. Photo from Trains magazine.


The Pennsylvanian powered by a GE P42 in the phase I 2011 anniversary paint scheme on March 20, 2011. The Amfleet I coaches are in the phase VI (wave) paint scheme used after 2005. One can mix the Amfleet I (2 door) and Amfleet II (1 door) coaches in modeling this and other Amtrak coach trains, but the amfleet I coaches tend to be on short distance and commuter trains.


The Pennsylvanian at Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania. Even though the line west of Philadelphia (through Bryn Mawr) is electrified as far as Harrisburg, self-powered diesels are used west of Philadelphia for the run to Pittsburgh. Photo from Wikipedia.

The Pennsylvanian, first part


Two of the typical diesels powering the Pennsylvanian are shown: the GE P42 in phase I anniversary colors is sometimes used starting in 2011. The P42 is a factory painted Kato model. The GE dash-8 32BWH locomotive in phase VI paint is more common power for post-2005 trains. The dash-8 locomotive is an Atlas model. The Pennsylvanian has 4 or 5 amfleet coaches. The two Amfleet II coaches (single door) above are Kato models. Now (2016) amfleet I (2 door) coaches in phase VI paint are available from Kato.


The Pennsylvanian, second part


The Amfleet café car and first two Amfleet coaches are Amfleet II cars (single door, Kato models) in phase VI (wave) paint. The last coach is an Amfleet I (2 door) car in the phase VI scheme, a Bachmann model. It is necessary to body-mount Microtrains couplers (replacing the Rapido couplers) to combine Kato and Bachmann models.






Amtrak by the numbers, by David Warner and Elbert Simon, White River productions, 2011. An excellent guide with thorough car histories and hundreds of photographs.