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Tim R's Modules

Tim R's Modules


Watsonville Junction

The Free-mo SLO group is building Watsonville Junction, Tim will be the module steward. The Module set is based on Watsonville California.


Watsonville Junction is a large multi piece yard module set. There are three separate sections to Watsonville:

  1. West Watsonville, this is the ladder on the west end of the yard.

  2. Center Watsonville, this is the two ladders that make up the center bowl of Watsonville.

  3. East Watsonville, this section includes the wye and turn table.

In the table below is a area for each of the three sections. Each area has a PDF of the plans for that section. Here is a PDF of the plans for the full module set.

Modules/Tim_R/images/Watsonville Full 2007-03-23.pdf
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The center section is really two sections. Note that the ends of each section are the same. This will allow us to build expander modules that will fit between any of the sections. We can also remove any section and run with the rest of the sections. We can also change the order of the two center sections. We hope this will be a very versatile module set.

West Watsonville

2007-03-18-Watsonvill-DSC_3544.JPG (300484 bytes)
18 March 2007
We have the first three section framed and on their legs.

Modules/Tim_R/images/Watsonville Junction West D.pdf
This PDF also include an expander section.
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Some possible variation we can setup
Modules/Tim_R/images/Watsonville Variations.pdf


Center Watsonville


Modules/Tim_R/images/Watsonville Junction Center B.pdf
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East Watsonville


Modules/Tim_R/images/Watsonville Junction East E.pdf
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