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Anderson Power Pole Connecter

Anderson Power Pole Connecter

Rail Buss

I used four colors to show the way the track will "cross" to make the correct connection.


Rail Buss

Notice that the tongues are stacked, not side by side. When I took this picture I was thinking that on a double track module I would have 4 wires. Since then I have realized that 2 wires works fine. Which wire is which rail. Looking at the end of the module the blue would be the left rail and orange would be the right rail. Tongue to the left. 


Rail Buss and Acc. Buss

This is more the way I see the modules being built, with all one color or another for the track power. Notice that the aux. power is side by side so the polarity is maintained.

Note: Because the track connectors are stacked and the power is side by side, you can not cross the track and the aux power even thou they are the same connectors.


Power Pole to Free-mo Chinch Jones adapters.


Here is where I have been buying my connecters. This is not the only place to get them, just one. I am using the 30 amp connecters.
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