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Free-Mo Risers

Free-Mo Risers

The free-mo standards state that you modules needs to adjust for a top of rail height from 50 to 62 inches in 3/4 inch increments. I designed this riser to use on modules that do not have legs that will adjust the full 12 inches.

The concept is easy. This is a series of 24 inch long pieces of 3/4 ply wood. The get progressively wider to form a pyramid for stability. There are also two 1 inch dowels down the middle to keep the pieces from siding off each other. I have not yet built one of these but plan to soon.

Here is a 3D view of the riser Leg Riser 3D view
Here is a cut layout on a 4 X 8 Sheet of plywood. I laid the pieces out with a 1/8 inch blade spacing.  Leg Riser Cut Layout I would start by cutting the board into two 24 inch wide strips. I would then cut the pieces from there. The hardest part will be drilling all the holes so that they line up.

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