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Free-Mo Tools and Techniques

Free-mo Tools and Techniques

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Standards and Guidelines



  • Cinch Jones Plugs
    The standard connection for Track Power on the end of a module is the Conch Jones plug and socket, Series 300, two connector, round. Part Numbers P-302H-CCT and S-302H-CCT. These are available at many online stores like:

    I have included the part numbers for each site. On other sites you will have to vary your search to find the parts. Search by the part Cinch Jones Parts Numbers P-302H-CCT and S-302H-CCT, or "Cinch Jones".

         Cinch-Jones-Plug.jpg (6260 bytes)    Cinch-Jones-Socket.jpg (5416 bytes)

  • Anderson Power Pole Connecters
    These are some modern connectors I am using on my modules. I also build Power Pole to Cinch Jones adapters so that I am compliant with the Free-Mo standards

  • Easy Flush Mounted Turnout Controls
    Here is a simple easy design for a flush mounted (recessed) push button

  • DPDT on-on push button switches
    I have found a good source for the push button switches. Action Electronics in Santa Ana California, Search on part number 35-405, select the link for switches, this should take you right to the part. Here is a direct link to the switches,
    Another Vendor Minute Man Electronics Miniature & Standard Round Push Button Switches

  • Movable Throttle Mount
    Here is a design for a throttle mount that is moveable. Put a throttle jack where you need it today and move it tomorrow.

  • Tortoise Switch Machine Installation
    Here are some shots from NorcalF on how they install Tortoise Switch Machines, this works great.

  • 8 Conductor 8 Position Module Connectors
    Most of use call them RJ-45, but they are 8 position 8 conductor (8P 8C) Modular connectors. RJ-45 is a defines both the connector, the wire and what kind of equipment it is connected too. In Free-mo we are using the RJ45 wiring schema. Here is a good web site that explains the wiring, JaySafe Systems - Technical - RJ45 PinOut,




  • Frame Color

  • In Free-Mo SLO, Norcal and Free-Mo LA our standard frame color is Glidden Great Desert. Others report getting this from Home Depot.

  • I have had trouble finding Glidden Great Desert and found this a a replacement.
    ACE Hardware. Card number 4-2R color 4-0209D. It was mixed with -95 Deep Base, Flat, 1 gallon. (Note: that was in 2005)
    The mix on the top of the can says:
         Life Paint Corp. LIFE INTERIOR FLAT 4-0209D
         B Shots 11
         C Shots 27
         L Ounces 1, shots 36, 1/2 shots 1

  • Free-mo-Frame-Paint-DSC_8705-1024X768.jpg (335192 bytes)2009, ACE no longer carries the Life Interior brand of paint. I matched that paint I had up to this:
    Pratt & Lambert, PRO-Hide Gold,  Interior Latex Flat, Base 2
    Color Card 14-26 Edmund's Beige (was 2204)
    The mix on the top of the can says:
         Base: Base2-Z8192Free-mo-Frame-Paint-DSC_8706-1024X768.jpg (336196 bytes)
         Can Size: Gallon
         Color in in Ounces, 1/48, and 1/96
         B, 0, 38, 0
         C, 1, 36, 0
         V, 0, 14, 0
         KX, 3, 12, 0 


  • Vinyl Skirting
    Norcal Free-Mo bought the vinyl skirting from: Check out the "bargain corner". Look for vinyl in rolls, 54" width. We use the "brown" color. Otherwise, click on "fabrics", scroll down to "embossed vinyl sheeting" and click it. This page shows all the colors, and if you scroll down it gives more info.

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