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Internal Joints

Internal Joints

When I make a multi-section module I add pegs to the internal joints. This way every time I assembly the module sections they mate perfectly. I use 1" pegs glued into a 2" square of 3/4" ply. I screw this into the frame of the module. This way if there is ever a problem, I remove 4 screws and the joint is a normal joint again.

The only problem I have had is having the two sections way out of level as I joint them. If the two outer ends are too tall the top edge of the modules will touch and you can damage scenery. You have to have the module kind of level as the sections are clamped together.

Note: Click on any image to see a larger version.

Here are the blocks. They have the pegs glued into them. I round the end of the pegs to help with alignment. They are pre drilled in the corners for 4 screws. Pegs-1.JPG (326433 bytes)
After the two module sections are in perfect alignment, and double clamped together, I drill two 1" holes through both sections. Pegs-2.JPG (278794 bytes)
This is what it looks like as the pegs is installed. I still need to add the 4 screws in the corners. Pegs-3.JPG (316500 bytes)
This is what it looks like on the other side. Pegs-4.JPG (317735 bytes)
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