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How to Square Module Ends

Fixing Ends that are not Square

Ends can be out of square due to age and movement in the wood or due to errors when building modules. It is a MUST that the ends are square. This means in all three dimensions. The ends should be square to the sides, top and to the track. Instead of taking the end off and rebuilding the end of the module you can try this method to square up the end of your module.

NOTE: Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

How bad is it, how much do I have to do. What are the problems. Is it out of square with the top? Out of square with the sides? Out of square with the track? Is the end cupped? Warped? You need to know exactly what is wrong.

In the example I am showing, the top is out of square with the top. I am not worried about the relation with the sides, the track will be square with the end so it will line up correctly with the next module at a setup.

Here is a close-up of a carpenters  square held tight on the top of the module and checked against the end. From this is view you can see that the end is only off about 1/8 of an inch. Not much you might say.

Module-End-Repair-01.jpg (79215 bytes)

Now look what happens when the square is held against the end and brough down onto the top.

Module-End-Repair-02.jpg (72744 bytes)

That little bit of error on the end translates into 3/8 to 1/2 inch of error when looked at in a different way. This is a major problem.

Module-End-Repair-03.jpg (44928 bytes)How do you fix this kind of an error. First you can use a belt sander and slowly work the end. Depending on what kind of wood was used this might take more work then you think. I like to add wood back onto the end to fix the problem. I use Bass Wood. You can get it at most hobby stores. It is in with the Balsa wood. It is very much like Balsa wood, but a little bit harder. Select a piece that is thicker then the gap.
Module-End-Repair-04.jpg (86248 bytes)Glue the BAss wood ontl the end of the module in the area that needs to be built up. Clamp it down using a piece of scrap wood to keep in flat and tight. Place a piece of wax paper between the scrap wood and the bass wood, this will keep the scrap from sticking tot he module if some glue seeps out. I like to use a good wood glue for this job.
Module-End-Repair-05.jpg (77073 bytes)After the the glue has dried use a belt sander to shape the end of the module. Keep your square near by and check you work often. As the end gets close, switch to had sanding with a sanding block. If you work slowly and carefully you can fix that module.
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