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  About Us

A Little History


Back in 2003, several members of a local club decided that it would be better to break away and start a new group. Most of us had known each other for many years, and we could all agree on one major thing: NO POLITICS!! We were all tired of the finger pointing and the inability to work together to accomplish a common goal. For many of us, this is a hobby. The only problem was where to begin. We all new that DCC was the future and most of us had purchased DCC systems already. We also new that we didn't want the typical "christmas tree" type of modeling and operation. With no home, this proved to be a challenge. One individual contacted Gregg Fuhriman from NorCal Free-mo and asked what was the best way to sell this free-mo idea. Gregg said that free-mo sells it self, no persuading should need to be done. Boy, was he right!

The advantages are endless with free-mo. After looking at what NorCal Free-mo has accomplished, we realized the operating possibilities and module flexibility. The single track mainline, free-form module shapes, and point-to-point operation met exactly what we were looking for.

We decided that before we start on individual modules, a staging yard with a loop to start trains was needed. NorCal Free-mo was back to the rescue. Gary Green forwarded plans for Shandin and aided in help when we ran into a problem. A special thanks goes to NorCal Free-mo, Gary Green and Gregg Fuhriman for all of their support and patience with us.

To say that our venture is a success would be an understatement.  Since our inception, our members have travelled more than 7000 miles to attend Free-mo setups.  These range from smaller, close to home, shows to two National Model Railroaders Association National Train Shows in Anaheim, CA and Milwaukee, WI.  The map below shows where we've setup.




Currently, we have ten strong modelers located around Wichita Kansas. There is no formal organization, meaning no dues or officers, and we have work sessions once a week.

If your modeling needs and desires reflect Free-mo and RPM type modeling than we need you! We are looking for new members to construct modules and participate in Free-mo setups in and around Kansas along with regional and national setups with other Free-mo groups.


  Copyright 2008 Perry Lambert