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Railroading in New Zealand
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We have put these pages together to share some of our interests with you all. Especially photo's of the excellent steam excursion trips we have been on down this way.

The photo's to the right will lead you to galleries describing some of these trips. The Norton and Starliner down the bottom arn't steam powered but have been known to smoke a bit on occasion. These represent some other interests that keep me off the streets.

To the left you will find some navigation buttons which will lead to some descriptions of our other interest. This is an N Scale model railroad that is under construction. The layout is broadly based on the Western Pacific RR between Portola and Sacramento now owned by the Union Pacific RR.

The model railroad is controlled by Digitrax DCC and I will describe some projects here over time. This site is under construction and will be changing regularly.

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20 May 2000
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