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Canadian Pacific Railway CFA16-4 4081
Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive Roster and Photo Archives
CP 4081
CP 4081 Tadanac (Trail), BC - 1968-07-07 "Fairbanks Morse"

CP 4081 Model Model
(as built)
CFA16-4 CFA16-4 2721 C-628a
History (chronological): Owner Number Date
Built by CLC as: CP 4081 1953
(Photo Above) "Here is a photo of Extra 4081 North doing a brake test at Cominco's smelter at Tadanac (Trail), BC on July 07, 1968.  Units 4081-4472-8713.  The 'Hotshot' was the Nelson-Tadanac-Nelson Turn usually Ordered around 1200 in Nelson and thence direct to Tadanac.  At Tadanac, the units cut off, and ran thru the CM&S yard to the wye just beyond the smelter and part of the STEEP Route to Warfield, and onee, Rossland.   To wye, the units had to back across a road protected by a banjo crossing signal and into the smelter.  After turning, the units proceeded down to the north end and coupled onto the train back to Nelson.  The yard duties at Tadanac were carried out by CP 8900-series Trainmasters and, at that time, CP 8552.  Account their superior traction, and in the case of the 8900s, 6 Axles, the CLC units were the PREFERRED locomotives for the heavy grades and tonnages in the Tadanac/Warfield area.  On the return trip to Castlegar, it was necessary to double the train from Genelle to Poupore, a regular occurrence, and Poupore siding fitted with crossovers for this purpose. Tripling was not uncommon with heavy trains.  East of Castlegar the engineer let me run the train over to South Slocan, the junction of the Slocan Sub and the route to the barge operation Slocan City to Rosebery and thru to Nakusp, another story in itself.  CP 8713 met it's end in a plunge into the Kootenay River at Mileage 26.5 on the Windermere Sub in August 1969 along with CP 4076 and two GMD B Units.  CP Rail, Robot Trains and SDs were on the Horizon!! The Ivory Hunters have many Manifestations."   -Fairbanks Morse.
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Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive Roster and Photo Archives