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GC&M Railroad

"The Dark Knight Route"
Clockwise from Upper Left: 1) GCFD HQ at Depot Square, Home of Engines 11, 13, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Battalion 2
2) Engine 14 and Ladder 4 respond to a box alarm from their Railroad Avenue station
3) Battalion 4 makes a visit to the Market Street Station, home of Engine 18 & Ladder 8
4) The Narrows/Port of Gotham, location of Engine 17. And yes, that is Bandit-1 and the General Lee
The city of Gotham is not only protected by the Dark Knight and Company, but also by the GCPD and GCFD. The layout features 4 of the 10 fire stations in the City limits. Each station has its own history and architecture. From the 1970s era Central Headquaters at Depot Square to the 1896 era home of Engine 18 & Ladder 8.