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GC&M Railroad

"The Dark Knight Route"
Clockwise from Upper Left: 1) Southbound freight GM-3 passes abandoned tower at South Portal Interlocking
2) Northbound freight MG-4 with SD38-2 #2051 in the lead exits Wayne Mountain Tunnel
3) Local SG-2 with C425 #2410 crosses Railroad Street and enters 47th Street Yard
4) Head-End Brakeman on southbound freight has orders hooped up to him by the Port of Gotham Tower Operator
While most of the previous pages concentrated on the layout's theme, it is in fact a working model railroad. The operating session involves 3 trains: through freight MG-4 which brings cars to and from 47th Street Yard, a local freight, SG-2 which works all the industries and AX-1 the in-plant switcher at Axis Chemicals. The layout can be run with 1-2 people in about an hour. Since the GC&M currently leases motive power from other railroads, there are many paint schemes to view, though the Burlington Northen (circa 1985) is most predominant.