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GC&M Railroad

"The Dark Knight Route"
Clockwise from Upper Left: 1) Coastal Mountain C420 #2072 exits Wayne Mountain with train MG-4
2) Acadia, Halifax & North Coast GP38-2 #305 at 47th Street Yard on train MG-2
3) BN F9A #732 leads another Extra Freight up from Metropolis out of Wayne Mountain Tunnel
4) Leased Delaware & Hudson Alco C-420 rumbles across Railroad Avenue with the SG-2 local to South Gotham
As mentioned, foreign power dominates the railroad's operations. Guest operators often bring their own motive power to operating sessions. The Maine Central, Acadia Halifax & North Coast and the Delaware & Hudson were the most recent visitors. As I belong to two HO scale Modular Groups, their power also makes frequent visits. This consists of the Coastal Mountain Railroad and the Hub Division of the NMRA.