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Brandt Road Rail is a division of Brandt Equipment. The company is based in Regina, Saskatchewan, and is a leading manufacturer of Maintenance of Way (MOW) equipment. Its entry into the genset locomtive market, though, is targeted at a broader audience. So far, Brandt has been very quiet about the genset locomotive they are producing, but they did provide this site an exclusive look at the unit in late 2008. It was previously reported in the August 2007 issue of Canadian Railway Observations that Canadian Pacific sent retired GP9 CP 1592 to Brandt's plant in Regina, SK in June 2007. The unit was missing its prime mover and several other appliances, and was expected to be used as a platform for the Brandt unit. But the unit was scrapped, and the prototype genset sits on an entirely new frame.

According to information released by Brandt, the prototype weighs in at 270,000 pounds, and uses CCB-26 brakes. Its number and official designation aren't available as of Nov. 2008, but there is some additional information that they have provided. They say that other build-to-order options like dynamic brakes wil be available as well. Brandt's prototype genset uses a trio of John Deere 6135H engines for propulsion power. Those engines generate 600 horsepower each for a total of 1,800 hp cumulative. The prototype is undergoing testing internally in anticipation of a public unveiling. Brandt says it will be testing on CP at some point as well. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

Model: Not Yet Specified
1,800 hp 3-engine genset locomotive, engines: 3 - John Deere 6135H (600hp each) on 4 axles.







New Build



Brandt Road-Rail BRTX xxxx None N/A Regina, SK Unknown Unknown Not released yet 1, A, B

General Notes:
1. Brandt Road-Rail's three-engine genset uses three 600hp John Deere 6135 engines, for a cumulative rating of 1,800. The prototype is testing in Regina, SK as of Nov. 2008, with plans to proceed to testing on Canadian Pacific. All information on this unit was provided by Brandt Road Rail, with our thanks.

A. Brandt purchased retired GP9u CP 1592 (GMD GP9u, built by GMD in 1957 as GP9 CP 8807, build number A1459. Rebuilt in 1985 and retired by CP in May 2007. Unit history from from Canadian Pacific. Though it was expected to be used as a platoform for this unit, it wasn't. CP 1592 was scrapped at Regina, probably for the trucks and some other components. Information from Brandt.
B. Serial number and build date not yet available, but will be provided by Brandt at a later date. Many thanks for their support in this project.

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Prototype MPEX 244 MPEX 244

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