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Metro-North RR BL14CG MNRR 402

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MNRR 402

Owner: Metro-North Railroad Number:

MNRR 402

Built: Nov. 2008 Serial Number: 9257
History: MNRR 402 (2008-present) Built at: Brookville, PA
Donor Unit: None. New frame construction.    



This twin engine unit is the second 1,400 hp CoGen unit built by Brookville. It uses a pair of Cummins QSK-19 enignes rated at 700hp each, for the total rating of 1,400 hp. Along with another, it was built for Metro-North Railroad, probably for work train service. From Brookville press releases.


According to Brookville, this unit was built on an all-new construction frame. The flexicoil switcher trucks were selected for these units because of clearance issues.


Serial number and build date provided by Brookville Equipment. Many thanks for their support in this project.

BMEX 259

Metro-North 402 undergoing final testing in Brookville, PA. Feb. 18, 2009. Photo courtesy of Brookville Equipment. Click to enlarge

BMEX 259

Metro-North 402, 401, BMEX 259, and Metro-North 113 lineup for photos in Brookville, PA. Oct. 13, 2008. Photo courtesy of Brookville Equipment. Click to enlarge


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