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BNSF ex-GG20B now RP14BD genset 1211

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Owner: BNSF Railway Number:

BNSF 1211

Built: June 2008 Serial Number: 1RPBDB50985000194
Hybrid History: BNSF 1211 (GG20B) Dec. 2005-Aug. 2008 Converted at: Alstom (former CPR) Calgary, AB shops
Genset History: BNSF 1211 (RP14BD) Aug. 2008-present Converted at: CAD Rail, Lachine, Quebec
Donor Unit: BNSF 1370 (EMD/ATSF GP7u) Built: Dec., 1952
Build No.: 17648 Frame No.: 5219-25
Unit History: ATSF 2837 (EMD GP7)    
  ATSF 2231 (rebuilt March, 1981)    
  BNSF 1370    



Units 1210 and 1211 are remote control platforms, and have no cabs. They also differ from conventional GG locomotives in having a very GP9-looking nose. The 1210 and 1211 have a cab-like enclosure housing the electrical cabinet, and supporting the remote antenna and strobe lights, with a profile very similar to the ATSF Topeka cab, but not nearly as long ,and without windows. There is even a small access door on the F side of the enclosure, and a forward-facing set of number boards.


BNSF 1211 was converted using GP7u 1370 (ex-ATSF 2231). From Extra 2200 South #128, page 7.

Former unit numbers from Q-Station BNSF Repaint and Patch roster (
Additional historical information from Charles Biel's BNSF Photo Archives (
In early March 2007, BNSF 1211 suffered a battery fire in Fort Worth. Photos of the efforts to extinguish the blaze by the Fort Worth Fire Department can be found here. Shortly thereafter, it was transported to CAD in Lachine for repairs.
During its rebuild, BNSF 1211 was photographed at CAD in Dec. 2007 by Marc Chouinard as part of a complete tour of the plant posted as a special report on Canadian Railway Observations. Click the link to read the tour report, which includes several items relevant to Railpower.

When BNSF 1211 emerged from CADRail in Aug. 2008, it had been converted to twin-engine RP14BD genset and was no longer a hybrid. The unit shipped south from Montreal in late August, and was spotted in Galesburg, IL on the 30th en route to Haslet, TX where it presumably will resume its previous assignment.


Genset builder's data supplied by Charles Biel. Interestingly, the unit has been assigned a new builder's number and new build date as a genset.

bnsf 1211
BNSF 1211 works with fellow genset BNSF 1276 in Sagnaw, TX. Sept. 17, 2006 by Charles Biel. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
Seen for the first time after being rebuilt as an RP14BD genset, BNSF 1211 shows the changes from its hybrid configuration in Fort Worth, TX. Sept. 5, 2006 by Charles Biel. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
Inside CAD in Lachine. Photo by Marc Chouinard, taken as part of the tour in note F. Click to enlarge, or click here to go to the tour page on Canadian Railway Observations. Thanks to CRO for allowing us to link to this photo.
bnsf 1211
BNSF 1211 still as a hybrid i n Fort Worth, TX. Feb. 2006 by Chris Palmieri. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
At Haslet, TX. Jan., 2006 by Chris Palmieri. Click to enlarge.
BNSF 1211
At Calgary, AB. Late 2005. By Doug Mackenzie. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
Under construction in Calgary, AB. Late 2005. By Doug Mackenzie. Click to enlarge.
bnsf 1211
|KCS 1869, BNSF 1211 and RPRX 1700 at CAD in Lachine, QC. May 2007. Photo by Marc Caya. Click to enlarge.
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