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Norfolk Southern RP14BD NS 2120

GG20B Rosters

RPRX 2001

Owner: Norfolk Southern Number:

NS 2120

Built: June 2007? Serial Number:  
Genset History: NS 2120 (2008-present) Converted at: NS Juniata Shops, Altoona, PA
Donor Unit: NS 2206 (EMD SW1500) Built: Feb. 1972
Build No.: 7355-11 Frame No.: 7355-11
Unit History: Penn Central (PC) 9520    
  Conrail (CR) 9520 (Merger)    
  Norfolk Southern (PRRX) 2206    



New model, first two to be kits supplied to Norfolk Southern for conversion of SW1500’s and performed by TMS in Altoona, PA. From Railpower press release. (


Previous unit number provided by Chris Toth, with history from the Unofficial EMD Home Page. (


Per further conversation with Railpower, these units will be cabless, and will be equipped with remote control capability.

Prepped frames spotted outside TMS in late Feb. 2008. From Lance Myers. In July 2008, the finished 2120 was displayed at Altoona Railfest in Altoona, PA.
RPRX 5403
NS 2120 sits on display at Railfest in Altoona, PA. July 12, 2008 photo by Tony Kimmel. Click to enlarge.
RPRX 5403
NS 2120 is on the road in Seward, PA. July 27, 2008. Photo by Tony Kimmel. Click to enlarge.
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