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Volume 2 Issue 4

Spring 1999



Well folks here is a special summer issue just for you. I have found that last couple of years that I like to go railfanning once a week to get modeling ideas or just to get outdoors doing something that I enjoy. I decided to make this a special triple edition since I haven't had time to put one together that last couple of months.
Included are some interesting articles, rail news happenings, scanner fre

quencies, maps of rail systems both on our club layout and around the state of Maine, and train lineups so you can plan your railfan trips in advance.
I hope you enjoy this issue. It has been fun putting it together
I haven't included any layout update since most of

you will be picking this up at the club. Please take some time and look around at all the various things that have been happening.
Also get a chance to try out the new DCC equipped engines as the layout now has power to it and trains can run to most areas!

Well it has been a while. For me this has been one heckuva busy spring. So much so that I didn't have a chance to get out the Signal. I must apologize for this delay but to make up for it I have included lots of extra stuff. I am hoping that most of you will be able to pick this up at the club layout building and while you are at it stop and check out the progress that's been made on the layout! 
Hope to see you there!

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