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LVRR Caboose 95011  

Lehigh Valley Railroad
Sayre-Built "Northeastern Style" Caboose 95011

Built in Sayre PA in June 1941
Currently on Display in Sayre.

This particular LV caboose is a "late phase 1"
The 114th caboose built, out of 140 total.
numbers 95001 - 95140
(95001 was *not* the first one built! ;) (see this)
approx. 60 LV cabooses are known surviving today.

In 1976 she became Conrail 18698,
and operated with Conrail until 1990,
when she was donated to the Valley Railroad Museum in Sayre.

There is a plaque on the caboose that reads:

(G.E. Railcar is located in the Sayre yards..thats where she was repainted to her LV colors!
the same place she was built!)

The caboose sat alongside the Sayre station for a few years, then was towed (by human power)
to the current location at the former site of the walkbridge.
now there are plans to move her back alongside the station again!









Check it out! She has the original cast steps on one side, (photo above)
and the fabricated steps on the other! (photo below)
bizzare...I dont when or why this was done..












I have only located one photo of 95011 taken while in LV service:

This photo was emailed to me,
I dont know the photographer, date, or location..If anyone knows please let me know!
I would like like to at least credit the photographer..
notice in this photo there are cast steps on the side currently with fabricated steps!
(a matched set of 4 cast steps)

The date could probably be estimated by the paint scheme..
I will look into that.

I would also like to locate a photo in Conrail colors (CR 18698)
if anyone has one, or another in LV service, please let me know! thanks..

I have created this page for 2 reasons..

To document 95011 for the Lehigh Valley Survivors Web page.

And because I am going to build a model of 95011 in 1/29 scale! ("G" scale)  is having a "Winter Rolling Stock Challenge", where members are going
to build any piece of Large Scale rolling stock of their choosing, and I have decided to scratch-build 59011!

I  took lots more photos than are posted here, and lots of detail shots to help with model building.
if anyone wants anything specific, and in a full-size jpeg, just let me know!

Scot Lawrence
sscotsman (at) yahoo (dot) com
October 2003

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