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LVRR 409 & 415
Lehigh Valley Railroad
Alco C420
409 & 415
sadly, no longer with us.

Lehigh Valley Railroad Alco C420 #409 & #415 were believed to be surviving when I first began the
survivors list in early 2003.
I had them listed as being located in Evansville, Indiana.
"in bad condition" and not operating.
at the yard of the former Indiana HI-Rail railroad.
Well they were there at one time..but not since 1995!

The 2 locomotives were sold to the A&M along with the other C420s when they all left the D&H in 1987.
409 & 415 never ran on the A&M.
it looks like they went directly to Evansville, Indiana, and probably never ran again.

409 operated her entire D&H carreer in LV red!
she was never repainted by the D&H.
(She was however re-numbered to 419 at some point)
She was still wearing those colors when She was cut up in Indiana..
sometime in the early 90's. (I dont know the exact date)

 Here is 409 in her "as delivered" yellow jacket scheme!
looking stylish.
(date, location & photographer unknown, from Scot Lawrence collection)
if anyone knows any info about my uncredited photos, please let me know!)

 Here she is near the end of her career, 1987 on the D&H.
I visited her in the East Binghamton yard several times in the late 80's.
im glad I got to meet her!
Greg Dickinson collection, used by permission

 415 also began her life in the LV Yellowjacket scheme (as did all the LV C420s)

Here she is Packerton yard.
probably in the 60's.
(SL collection)

Wow! one of the coolest LV photos out there!
This is 415 in her second LV scheme.
looks like hours after being painted!
Used with permission, Collection of John Rust, ©2003, All Rights Reserved,

During her carreer on the D&H.
her third, and last, paintscheme.
(Greg Dickinson collection, used by permission)

The status of the other remaining C420s was (and is) well known, and not in doubt.
but information on the condition, and status, of 409 & 415 was impossible to find!
all we knew was that they were there..nothing else!
I couldnt even find any recent photos of them.
I posted questions all over the internet, even on Indiana-specific forums!
dead silence everywhere.. no one knew a thing!
wouldnt 2 derelict C420s draw attention? wouldnt they be photographed?
well...turns out no one knew about their current status simply because they didnt actually exist!
that would explain it! ;)

And now, sadly, the photos I discovered on-line that led to the confirmation that 409 & 415 were scrapped.
2 photos of 415 in that yard in Indiana.

(notice the #312 along the bottom..312 was her last number..but never operated with that number)

both photos by E.M. bell, used by permission.

Well after seeing those 2 photos, it was obvious one of the engines was gone,
but which one?
and what about the second one?
Posting some questions on various forums, and digging for photos around the internet,
I discovered that 409 would have been Red while in Indiana,
and 415 was in D&H blue, with the logo on the side of the cab.
So that confirmed 415 was gone..but what of 409?
she was likely scrapped too, but there was no proof.

I found out that "Indiana HI-Rail" has gone through several different names
and incarnations through recent years, and the yard in Evansville has apparently
changed owners several times.
Names connected with the last owners of 409 & 415 include:
Indiana HI-Rail
Indiana Box Car
Wabash Central
Wabash & Ohio
Mid America Locomotive.

I found a webpage and email for Indiana Box Car, and sent them a note.
A very nice and helpfull gentleman responded a few days later, and confirmed that both units
have in fact been scrapped.
409 was scrapped before 415, sometime between 1987 & 1995.
and 415 was scrapped in 1995.

LV409     1964 - 1976 (brand new in 1964, purchased new by the LV)
D&H 409    1976 - 1985
D&H 419    1985 - 1987
to A&M via Chrome Locomotive,
to Indiana HI-Rail, #319
Was bought as a parts unit,
never operated again. Scrapped at Mid America Locomotive, Evansville, IN.
late 80's or early 90's.

LV415   1964 - 1976 (brand new in 1964, purchased new by the LV)
D&H 415    1976 - 1987
to A&M via Chrome Locomotive 3/16/87 -
to Indiana High Rail Corp #312 -
scrapped at Mid America Locomotive, Evansville, IN. 1995.

Both 409 & 415 never actually operated for Indiana HI-Rail..
their last service as operating locomotives was with the D&H in 1987.

Rest in Peace 409 & 415.

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Scot Lawrence
December 2003