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  This is a list of Buildings, etc. that we got from Ridge Road Station plus original inventory (items 41-43)       Pictures of items are on two pdf files
  Please put your name here before returning this completed form            
Item Description Manufacturer Color Composite Should the club keep this item?
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1 Black Hill Saloon Piko 62223 Brown/Tan/Brown        
2 Box of Round House and Station Accessories misc no pictures no pictures      
3 McBade Baths plaster with wood corner braces Yellow/Brown        
4 One story house plaster with cardboard roof Green/Brown        
5 one and one half story house plaster with plastic roof Silver/Red        
6 Rio Grande Water Tower - 9-1/2" round 17" high  Piko 62210          
7 ACME Liquors Piko 62235          
8 Hardware Store Piko plastic w/wood porch White/Green/Brown        
9 Sherriff Office Piko 62216          
10 Family Dentistry - Robin Jones Piko 62217          
11 Two Story Farmhouse Aristocraft White/Green        
12 Grizzly Flats Train Station Piko 62209-223 Red/Brown        
13 Fire Lookout Tower Piko 62222          
14 St Thomas Church Piko 62203 Green        
15 Silverton outhouse Pola 913 White/Green        
16 Robin's Toy Shop Piko 62201 Yellow        
17 Wooden Silo with ladder - 7" round 13" high Pola 986          
18 Lime Springs Switching Tower Model Power 1620-01-11          
19 Switching Tower with tool box Aristocraft 7109          
20 C&S Bobber Caboose Bachmann          
21 bumper end LGB          
22 Wooden Silo w/o ladder, missing vent, broken roof - 7"round 13" high  Pola 986          
23 Wooden Silo with ladder and four vents  - 7"round 13" high  Pola 986          
24 Santa Workshop Piko 62200 Light Blue        
25 Village Inn Piko 62202 Pink        
26 Cathedral Church handmade - wooden White Wood      
27 M Lewis one story house Piko 62240 Grey        
28 B Adams one story house Piko 62239 Tan        
29 Water Station and Ash Pit handmade wod and plaster   Wood      
30 Coaling Tower Pola 1938   Wood      
31 Gate Crossing Shack Aristocraft Green/Yellow Aristocraft      
32 Water Tank from roundhouse station layout Pola  Green/Yellow        
33 Trackside Tank car bachmann          
34 Turntable (with motor and controls)            
35 Handmade Wooden Station handmade Brown/Tan/Brown wood      
36 Tan Shack with orage shirted guy resin/wood   plastic & wood      
37 two green ore cars with ballast loads Bachmann  Green        
38 Boxcar made into trackside  shanty with wooden platform (need repairs) handmade          
39 Small Station from roundhouse module plaster w/handmade extras Scott L has for repairs        
40 Large Station from roundhouse module plaster w/handmade extras Scott L has for repairs        
41 Orange Warehouse #3 Model Power we had this before RRS        
42 Red Oak Hill Shanty Aristocraft we had this before RRS        
43 Garden City White Station Model Power we had this before RRS        
44 completely dis-mantled roundhouse. Includes seven track plywood base needs major re-assembly. roofing got wet and is curling up may be missing back panel. may also be missing a roof panel